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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raw file system data recovery

USB drive is unformatted, do you want to format it now? Message above appear when I double click the USB disk drive icon on the computer. I have no idea what’s going on at that time, neither do I now. But I do not choose to format it though I can nit use it until format the external usb drive. I think it may because I hold that I have the chance to recover the original files on the external drive as long as I do not format it. Is there any way for me to restore lost files from the unformatted usb drive?  -Swtt
My Seagate external hard disk is raw filesystem. Have you ever seen raw external hard disk? I encounter it at the first time now. I can not use the portable hard drive, but it seems I can use it as long as I format the raw external hard disk. I am not sure whether it is true, so I do not format it. But I really need to view files saved on the external hard disk at the previous time. Is there any possible way?  -Miller

Have you ever encountered the same or similar problem as examples above or are asked to help solve that memory devices raw problem? It doesn’t matter if we feel upset when get information that the external hard disk or memory card is raw file system and need to be formatted before we can use it. What we will know now is that we may be able to recover files from the raw devices. 

How to restore information from the raw devices

What should we do to recover files from the raw storage devices which need to be formatted before we can use it? Data recovery software may help me to complete it. With data recovery software, you can recover files from RAW CF card, SD card, XD card, external hard drive, flash drive and more other media.

Here are its steps as follows:

Step1. Download data recovery software and then install it on the computer.

Step2. Connect the raw memory devices to the computer that the data recovery tool installed.

Step3. Open the data recovery program and then choose the recovery model and target disk to scan.

Step4. Preview the recoverable files which displayed in the list after scanning and then pick up the needed files to recover.

Step5. Select the location to save files to be retrieved

It is worth to have a try when our external hard disk or other storage devices turn to raw file system but we can not lose files saved on them at the previous time.
If you want to fix RAW file system on any device, you can format it after data recovery. For example, you can format memory card to fix unformatted error on it.

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