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Monday, April 14, 2014

How Can I Recover Lost Files in Windows 7

Everyone has ever lost some important files. Maybe the files got lost from a computer’s hard disk drive, an external hard disk, a USB flash drive or a memory card. It doesn’t matter from where the important files got lost, but what matters is you need to perform data recovery by relying on a third-party data recovery tool on a computer. Now, we will introduce a powerful data recovery program which can help with data recovery on a Windows 7 computer.

Windows 7 Data Recovery Software Free Download

In order to recover lost files in Windows 7, you can free download Windows7 data recovery software. It is capable of recovering files from all kinds of storage media in any data loss situation. Generally speaking, you can run this software if you meet any one of the following situations.

Situation 1: I mistakenly deleted some photos from hard disk on Windows 7. The strange thing is that all the deleted photos were deleted permanently immediately without being moved to Recycle Bin. Now, I cannot find those photos anywhere. Please tell me how can I get back those deleted photos?

Situation 2: Has anybody formatted a hard disk partition on a computer that runs Windows 7 operating system but then recovered the formatted partition successfully? Well, this is my situation. I pressed the wrong button and format a partition and then all files are erased. I have downloaded a so-called free data recovery software, but it asked me to register when I want to recover the found files. Can somebody recommend a really free data recovery program for me to unformat hard disk partition? Thanks a lot!

Situation 3: Hello, I need some help with USB flash drive not formatted error. Windows 7 says disk needs to be formatted when I connect my 32GB USB flash drive to the computer. If I format the drive, will I lose all data stored on it? However, how can I access the flash drive if I don’t format it? Is there a way with which I can extract files from the USB flash drive without formatting the drive? Any help of suggestion will be highly appreciated.

More Information about Window 7 Data Recovery
For all situations above, Windows 7 data recovery software is helpful with data recovery. In fact, Windows 7 data recovery software has more functions such as:
  • Restore files after emptying Recycle Bin
Pay attention
No matter you want to recover data from a hard disk or external storage device on Windows 7, you should stop writing data to the device where data got lost because it may overwrite the lost files.

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