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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Choose a Good RAID Card?

Need Help to Find Good RAID Cards for My PC 
"Hello, everyone there! I am looking for some suggestions to choose good RAID cards for my built computer with three RAID 1 array that is equipped with 6 SATA ports. Moreover, I am also on a budget. And what factors should I take into considerations while picking a reliable one out from others? Any advice will be highly appreciated here. Thanks!"

Hello, from my understanding, the desired reliable and highly qualified RAID card options for a PC    RAID array could be different according to different computer configurations, including the RAID array configurations. However, since you do give no detailed information about your computer configuration, here are several elements that you should consider when choosing a proper one for your PC.

How to Choose a Proper RAID Card for Your Computer?
Want to select reliable and compatible RAID card for your computer RAID arrays, right? OK! No matter whether you are familiar with computer RAID card information or not, here are some essential factors that you should take into consideration while picking a right one from others:
1). Choose a RAID card that is workable with Intel CPU or RISC CPU.
As with fast development of the computer technologies, not all computers are equipped with Intel CPUs or RISC CPU. Moreover, with different types of CPU installed, your computer also can require different RAID cards. Therefore, when searching for a proper RAID card, you are also supposed to check the CPU information well and see whether that RAID card is workable under your computer.
2). Choose a RAID card that supports IDE, SATA or SCSI connection
Like internal hard disks, the RAID cards also are supposed to be connected to your PC and the, can be used well there. Moreover, in these days, to meet different needs of different computers, the RAID card are also manufactured with different connection ports, like IDE ports, SATA ports and SCISI ports. Before you finally select one, always check your PC RAID array connection port type well and land a compatible one.
3). Choose a RAID card with proper storage space.
No matter which type of RAID cards you choose to use, you will finally use it as a storage device to hold your PC information. Therefore, just like selecting a right internal/external hard disk for your PC, the storage capacity also should be considered, right? Merely go check the RAID card connected on your PC and see how large it is. And then, you can also buy some new ones with same capacity. Of course, with enough money, you also can get a much larger one. Overall, you are supposed to make your decision according to your own conditions.
4). Choose a RAID card that will not cost too much.
At last, no matter what you are planning to buy, the price of that subject often should be considered carefully. Needlessly to say, you are also on a budget. Therefore, if you do make your decision on the RAID card type, you are supposed to check the price of that RAID card on different websites and see which one of them are proper for you. If all the labeled prices are too high for you, also think whether it is possible to choose one with lower price and lower capacity.
But, if you device to buy one on the shop lying in your blocks, not overt the internet, you are also supposed to consult the prices of two or more shops nearby. 

Also Create RAID Card Data Backups in the Future
It is a good way for people to enlarge the PC storage space by using RAID arrays with different RAID card connected. However, no matter which type of RAID cards you have chosen at last, always get accustomed to save everything important on different backup devices, like some external hard disks, CDs, DVDs and online storage, etc. Why? When you do have created extra RAID card data backups well elsewhere, you do have high chances to completely recover lost computer files after unexpected data loss troubles, including emptying Recycle Bin accidentally, deleting files and folders carelessly, reformatting or formatting RAID card by mistake and more.

Recover RAID Card Files & Photos with Data Recovery Software
Have never ever encountered hard disk data loss troubles due to mistaken deletion, format, reformat, computer crash and more? You just do know some data recovery software can help recover deleted files from external hard disk, flash drive, SD memory cards, CF cards and Micro SD cards, etc? But, you just do not know whether the data deleted or lost from RAID card is also recoverable with the help of data recovery software? OK! Never worry! When you really unluckily lose important PC data due to accidental format, RAW file system error and virus attack, etc, you also can stop using this RAID card and go see whether your selected file recovery software is also workable to rescue your missing files and photos.  

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