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Monday, December 14, 2015

Computer SSD Keeps Freezing or Crashing

Unexpected Computer Storage Issues: SSD Keeps Freezing or Crashing. What to Do?
"Hello, about two weeks ago, my old internal HDD used on my Windows 7 computer was failed and I replaced it with a new SSD.
However, it had not been used about one week and my computer began to keep freezing or crashing. And then, after computer crashing or freezing, I did have to reboot this computer and found a message saying: bootable device was not found and please reinstall operating system ….. Do you have any idea about this computer problem? Is it caused by the new SSD problem or other computer issues? Please tell me any useful clue here. Thank you very much!"

Hello, friends! From your description, your computer keeps freezing or crashing issues may not be caused by your newly SSD that seems to get some problems anyhow. Merely read this article and go see what you can do to fix this computer keeping freezing or crashing problems.

What Often Makes Computer Crash or Freeze in Daily Use?
Find any possible reason behind this computer keeping crashing or freezing problem? If not, also do not panic! Honestly, there are many causes that can bring people related computer issues, like:
1). Computer internal hard disk, like your installed SSD, gets bad sectors or other serous problems.
Are you sure your bought SSD is highly qualified? Have you test with your CHKDSK tool to see whether it runs as well as other new SSD? Honestly, when computer internal hard disk, like your purchased SSD, often could bring people computer frequently crashing or freezing issues when this hard disk is seriously damaged, like bad sectors, physical corruption and more. If your newly bought SSD is really a fake one and now has already failed due to your past use (only about one week use), you also can definitely encounter such computer crashing or freezing issues.   
2). Computer operating system may be damaged somehow.
Have you done something improper to your computer operating system after changing that old HDD with a new SSD? Honestly, in order to let computer run or boot smoothly, the well updated and installed Windows operating system is also needed. However, if you do have done something to this computer OS then, like deleting computer operating files or folders, installing some incompatible updates or even corrupting computer OS somehow, it is absolutely possible for you to get stuck in such computer keeping freezing or crashing troubles.
3).You have done something improper to this computer recently?
Such computer keeping crashing or freezing issues also can come to people since they do have done something improper to the computer, including running too many files, programs and background processes, shutting down computer improperly or mistakenly delete important OS files and folders, etc. Overall, computer also could keep freeze or crash due to human errors.

Your Computer May Be Crash or Freeze due to Computer Operating System Problems
Still cannot figure out why your computer gets such keeping freezing or crashing errors? OK! Unless you do have purchased a fake one with a cheap price, from your description, your computer issue is really possible to be caused by the computer OS problems. Why? You do have received an error message that suggests you to reinstall your computer OS right? Honestly, that really happens when your computer really gets problems. Therefore, you’d better check your computer OS conditions well as soon as possible. Merely ask several questions about your PC OS, like when did you update your OS? Is all essential OS files and folders are still in good state? Does your OS still run well on your PC?
Please Note: This guess only comes from your description, especially that error message after crashing/freezing and rebooting. However, that’s doesn’t mean it could be the only reasons behind your computer problems.

What You can Do now to Remove Computer Crashing or Freezing Problems?
No matter whether your computer keeping freezing or crashing error is really aroused by the OS problems, here are some suggestions for you to remove such computer problems:
1). Go check or replace computer hard disk.
No matter whether this newly purchased SSD is really damaged or not, merely test it with CHKDSK tool and see whether it is in good state. If it really gets some serous problems, merely check the warranty time of this storage device to see whether it is possible to change another new one. If it is not in the warranty time, also contact the sellers and see what they will do something to help you.
Of course, if necessary, also replace this new hard disk when it is really physically damaged and hard disk cannot be recognized on any PC.
Please Note: Whatever happens, always make hard disk data backups firstly in case of some hard disk data recovery troubles, like deleted hard disk file recovery, computer hard disk not formatted error recovery, or hard disk RAW file systemrecovery, etc.
2). Go Check or Reinstall Your Computer Operating System
You do have done something improper to your PC OS before getting such computer freezing or crashing issues? OK! Go check the computer OS files and folders to see whether some essential files and folders get deleted or lost. And then, check the computer OS updates and download it to your PC. And then, install these updates to make your OS run well again. If these downloaded updates also save nothing, go reinstall your PC OS to take chances.
If these methods also cannot remove that computer crashing or freezing issues, you’d better ask some experts for help at last.

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