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Monday, December 28, 2015

How to Add More Memory for Your PC

Need More Memory on Your PC?
"Hello, recently, my computer frequently freezes while I am playing games or enjoying some movies. And then, I have to reboot this computer to restore its common use. And honestly, I do have about 560GB internal hard disk users there and now there is only about 40GB memory left. Is this computer freezing issues causes by low computer memory? What can I do to add more memory to my PC? Thanks for any useful suggestion!"
Hello, from my understanding, the low computer memory is not the only reason that can cause people frequent freezing problems. However, in your case, if you do make sure that your computer internal hard disk is in good state, computer OS is not damaged or corrupted due to improper installation or reinstallation or your computer is also not virus attacked recently, you are possible to remove such random computerfreezing problems by adding more PC memory. Here are possible clues that you can follow:

What You Can Do to Add More Memory to Your PC?
If you do insist to add more memory to your PC and hope it can help resolve that frequent computer freezing issue, here are several methods that could help you out:
1). Learns to release computer memory timely.
Computer low memory issue could occur to people and also negatively affects the computer perfect performance since most or even nearly all of your computer memory space is used. Hence, to fix such computer low memory problems, one of the solutions for you now is to release computer memory as much as possible. What you are able to do now is merely to clean all trash files and folders, reinstall and delete unnecessary applications, games and tools, and defrag your computer internal hard disk.
Of course, in the future, also remember to timely release computer memory.
Please Note:
*In case of deleting some useful or valuable files and folders accidentally, do check the selected files and folders carefully before deletion. As with some files deleted by mistake, also go undelete files with deletedfile recovery software.
*Copy and save important computer files, folders, games, applications and more on several external drives, SSDs, flash drives or elsewhere in advance.

2). Set virtual memory for future use.
Generally speaking, all computer operations or processes do requires taking up some computer memory or resources while executing. If the running processes or operations do have occupied too large computer memory or too many computer resources, the computer memory will also be extremely negatively affected. Therefore, in order to resolve such computer low memory issues, the computer virtual memory technologies are created and used to help people. In other words, in your case, to fix your computer freezing issues and add more computer memory, you can go try set virtual memory for future use like this:
Step1. Right click "My Computer" to open computer "System Properties" windows by choosing "Properties" on the drop-down list.
Step2. Hit "Advanced" tab and press "Setting" button under Performance section.
Step3. Click "Advanced" tab again on the "Performance Options" windows and press "Change".
Step4. Enter your desired virtual memory size there according to your needs and click OK to apply all changes.
And then, check whether this method helps removing your PC frequent freezing issues.

3). Check the maximum memory capacity of your PC and add more compatible memory bank chips.
In daily use, except freeing more computer hard disk space to remove the related low memory issues, you also can add more compatible memory banks to enlarge the computer memory. Of course, in case of farther computer memory problems, like incompatible memory bank chip issues, you’d better also check your computer configurations well. At least, you’d better firstly check several numbers well like:
1. What is the maximum memory capacity your computer is able to support?
This often determines the largest capacity of your chosen memory bank chips.
2. How many memory slots are not used on your PC now?
This often determines how many memory banks chips that you can insert there.
3). How about the working frequency of your computer memory banks?
Overall, you’d better firstly check what type of memory bank chips that can works well on your PC.
And then, go choose and purchase compatible memory bank chips for your computer.
Also remember more tips in mind well:
1. Check your computer memory banks and see which type of memory bank chips your computer has been equipped. And then, merely go purchase the same types for your PC. This helps save lots of troubles.
2. High quality is not the only one element that you should take into considerations. Always remember to choose compatible ones.
3. Also plunge your memory bank chips when you do have safely turn off your computer.
Please Note: If you do have got some computer hard disk RAW file system error or not formatted error due to improper memory bank chip plunging operations, go try hard disk data recovery software to recover data back from RAW format hard disk or not formatted drive.

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