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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recover data after formatting the Maxtor external HDD

My external HDD which bought from Maxtor was formatted by mistake the other day. Consequently, all files and folders saved on it have been lost now. Those files contain pictures, word documents, clients information, and so on. What I want to express is that those contents are very important for me ands I can not afford to lose them at all. Anyone could kindly help me get them back?  -Susan

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unformat Seagate external hard disk

The first reaction of most of us when format the external hard disk accidentally may be unformat it. But I have not heard the unformat tool yet. It does not mean we will lose those files forever. Though there is no unformat too, we can access those lost contents by restoring them. Yes, it is true that we can recover the data form the formatted external hard disk. What’s more, it is not sophisticated. Here is an example of my students who format his external hard disk by mistake.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Convert raw external drive to NTFS FAT32 without losing data

It is not a piece of good news that the memory card or other storage devices turns to raw abruptly. Raw is a system error, so we need to convert raw to normal files system NTFS or FAT32. Then how to convert it? Some people say that we can format the raw external drive or card and convert to file system which we wanted. But all files and folders saved on it would be lost on that case. We can not format the problematic external drive or memory card if there are important files need to be accessed. We can restore them at first.

The first thing we should do is to recover data from the raw external disk or memory card. And the second thing we can do is to format the questionable portable drive and then convert it to NTFS or FAT32 or other normal file system.

How to restore lost files from the raw external drive/card

Step1. connect the raw external drive/card to the computer. If it is a memory card, we need a card reader to insert it to computer.

Step2. download and mount the data recovery software on the same computer.

Step3. run the data restoration program on the computer, then choose the recovery model and aim disk to scan.

Step4. we can preview the restorable files in the list after the scan, so preview them and select the needed to recover.

Step5. choose the location to store files to be retrieved.

Why data recovery tool could retrieve files from the raw external drive

You may receive message like CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive. Though the external hard disk or memory card can not be opened when they are in the raw file system, files and folders which saved on them previously are still stored on them. We just can not view them when the drive is raw. So there is a chance for data recovery tool to find them by scanning and recover them. we can also perform data recovery to  USB  stick memory card raw file system.
Memory card turns to RAW format and want to restore pictures off the card? You can also use the data recovery software.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Raw external hard disk error

It is not an expected thing to meet a raw external hard disk. We can not open the external hard disk, we can not access data saved on the external hard disk previously, and we can not save any new data on the external hard disk after it turning to raw.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

how to retrieve lost data from teh micro CF card after formatting

What we should do to solve the data loss problem is not to be panic at first. It is really likely to feel anxious when lose files saved on the micro CF card, such as the micro CF card being formatted. All files and folders would be disappeared after the formatting. But there still is nothing needs to be worried about, because those lost files no matter how important and precious could be found back. What we need is data recovery software. Here is an example below:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to recover files from the hard disk after formatting

Accidentally format the hard disk on the computer? Do not worry, as there is a way to solve that problem. It means that data saved on the hard disk previously could be retrieved after being formatted. It is obvious that there is nothing left on the hard disk after formatting, but actually those files are not erased from it. they are still saved on the hard disk so could be got back.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

memory card data recovery after being formatted

Now your suffering to lose files saved on the memory card after being formatted could be ended. There is a tool for us to get those lost files and folders back from the formatted memory card. That is data recovery software. It could get all the losses back from the formatted memory card as long as they have not been overwritten.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

recover data from the formatted external hard disk

Do you know external hard disk after formatting data recovery I have an external hard disk and there have been saved a lot of files and folders on it. it is very convenient for me to access data i need no matter where i am and when it is. But there is something unpleasant happen to the external hard disk now. I formatted it by mistake yesterday. What disappoints me is that i have not backup any files which saved on the external hard disk previously. So i lose all of them at present. Those files are important for me indeed, and some of them are my work documents. I want to get that lost data back from but have no idea what should be done. Can you help me?