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Monday, January 25, 2016

RAID Doest Not Show up in Windows Computer

RAID Array Does Not Show up in My Windows 7 Computer?
"Hello, I do have two WD 1TB hard drives used on a RAID array on my Windows XP computer. And then, before I upgrade the OS of this computer from this Windows XP to Windows 7, I do have unplugged this RAID array and installed it to another Windows 7 computer. However, after inserting this RAID array well to this new computer well, I just find this RAID doesn’t show up in this computer. Honestly, after several checking, I just find it can be seen in both of the BIOS interface and Windows Device Manager. But, neither of these two hard drives inside this RAID array could be shown in MY Computer so that I even cannot access them and inner stored data till now. Do you have any idea about my RAID problems? Have I set it up there incorrectly? What can I do now to let the computer recognize it functionally? Thanks for any idea here!"

Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Set Up a New Hard Drive on Your Computer?

Need Set Up a New Hard Drive on My Windows Computer?
"Hello, what can I do to set up a new hard disk on my computer to instead an old and died HD? In fact, I have used this old HD on this Windows 7 desktop computer for several years and find it recently gets too many bad sectors which extremely negatively affect the computer performance. Yesterdays, the computer even shut down and restarted several times in only one hour. Therefore, I have planed to purchase a new internal hard disk to replace it there. But, I know not much about the computer hard disk and have no idea about how to set it up well on this computer. Do you get any clue to help me? Is it possible to set up this drive well there and also lose no data? Thanks for any help!"