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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Change RAW to FAT32 on CF Card SD External Drive

Need to Change RAW File System to FAT32 on CF Card? 

When you attempt to open your CF card on your digital camera or mobile phone, you get an error message "CF card not formatted, do you want to format it now?". Or you reboot your laptop while your CF card is connected to it, after that you find your CF card cannot be accessed and a dialog box pops up "The CF card is RAW file system".

Recovering data from Storage device when they became RAW must be done at first since there is no program that could  convert raw to ntfs without losing data. 

Software to Recover Data From RAW Drive Before Converting to FAT
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive,  hard disk, external drive etc.

How to use: best disk recovery software for step by step guide

#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

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Is the memory card corrupted when it show RAW format? At this time, you must be puzzled and want to change the RAW file system to its original file system FAT32. Can you format the RAW file system to FAT32? Maybe you can, but you will lose all the data inside. Or even if you don’t care the data inside, finally the Windows may show you CF card cannot be formatted. So you need to get a right solution to change RAW to FAT32 without data loss.

RAW File System and FAT32 File System

Sometimes, a damaged or corrupted CF card may look like lost its file system and it may become RAW. RAW file system can occur due to many reasons. For example, file system may become RAW if you remove your CF card unsafely from a digital camera or mobile phone. Virus attack can also cause the file system RAW. FAT32 is a regular file system based on FAT file system and it is an old type of file system used in some earlier version of Windows.
The data recovery software also allows you to recover files when SD card is not accessible due to RAW file system or CF card is not recognized.

Here Are Solutions to Change RAW to FAT32

In order to change RAW to FAT32, first you need to recover the data inside by using free RAW File System Recovery Software and then format the CF card. Here are the solutions to change RAW to FAT32.
Step1. Free download the software on your PC only with a very short time, install it on your PC and launch it.
Step2. Connect your CF card to your PC; you need specify your card from the partition list. Click "Recover" button to go to the next procedure.
Step3. After the scan, choose the first partition to show files. "Show Files" option enables you to preview the recoverable files.
Step4. From the list of recoverable files, mark the files that you want to restore and click the "Save Files" option. Then the program will quickly restore the files. After that, you can close the program if you have recovered what you want. If not, you may try to scan with this software until you find the lost files.
Step5. Format the CF card and then the CF card will restore to its original file system.

Key Features of RAW File System Recovery Software

The RAW File System Recovery Software enables you to recover any data from a RAW memory card. For example:
Audio files: WAVE*.WAV)、AIFFAUMP3MIDIWMARealAudioVQFAAC and APE, etc.
Video files: AVI, MOV, ASF, WMV, 3GP, MP4 and FLV, etc
Pictures / Images: BMP, JPEG, GIF and so on.
Office files: xls, doc, ppt. 

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