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Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Merge Two Hard Disk Partition into One?

Need Turn Two Partitions into a Bigger One?

Situation 1: Hello! Is it possible to merge two local disk partitions together? Recently, my Samsung laptop C partition is nearly out of space and the other partition is nearly empty. What am I supposed to do for turning these two partitions into one and also delete nothing inside? 

Situation 2: Hey, experts there! I have a SATA internal hard disk that has been partitioned into four: C, D, E and F. I had placed all system files and folders on the partition C, some games and programs on the partition D and some photos, movies, pictures on the partition E. However, the partition F is still nothing stored. So, I just wonder whether it is possible to combine the partition E and F so that there is no space wasted. Is there any way for me to merge these two partitions together without suffering from any data loss issue?
Hey, friends! Have merged your separated partitions into one with success? If not, don’t worry! There are still two options for you to do that with ease. Moreover, in case of facing some unexpected partition data loss problems, you’d better back up all partition pictures, programs, games, documents, movies, mails and more on separate drives or devices well in advance.

How to Merge Two Partitions into One?

Two, three or more partitions often can help people manage different data well and also be convenient to prepare data backups more freely. That’s also why people are suggested to split their internal or external hard disk into partitions. However, sometimes, when some unexpected things happen, like "low disk space error", people also need merge multiple partitions into one for fixing some disk errors. You are also encountering similar disk problems? OK! No worry! Here are two methods for you to combine your selected partitions into one: 

Method 1: Combine Two Local Disks into One with Windows disk management tools. 
In your case, as long as the two local disks that you want to combine are not located on two different physical hard disks and also luckily adjacent, it is often easy for you to merge them together with the Windows disk management tools.
Here, follow the detailed steps to make them into one:
Step1: Open the computer "Disk Management" window like this: right click "My Computer" to choose "Manage" option and Click "Disk Management" listed on the left volume.
Step2. Find and right click the empty or useless partition to choose "Delete Logical Drive …". And then, you will get a unallocated partition there.
Step3. Right click another partition there to select "Extend partition" and follow its guide to finish the merging process.
And then, you can easily use this newly created partition to store your desired data.

Method 2: Merge Two Partitions into One with Professional Partition Resizing Tools
But, if your partitions are not next to each other, you often will also get a grayed-out extend option and are not allowed to merge these two partitions there successfully. When this really happens to you, no panic! You also can search and download related partition resizing tools that is designed and developed for people to freely change the disk partition space with easy clicks. Merely run your selected tool well on your PC and resize your disk partition as you wish.


1). The first method works only when the two partitions locates on the same physical hard disk.
The first method does not work all the time. You often can easily merge your two disk partition into one with Windows disk management tools only when your selected partitions locates on the same physical hard disk and one is also next to other one. 
2). Do not want to delete or lose partition data at the same time? Make partition data backups well at first.
When you are trying to delete the useless or empty partition in Disk management, it will also erase everything inside this partition. Hence, if you do have stored something curial on that partition, before you do anything to extend your desired partition, always make all partition data backups well at first.
3). Erase partition data when resizing the partition space? Apply data recovery software to recover lost data.
Without knowing it is necessary to back up everything well in advance, you just erase partition data during that partition resizing process? OK! Never mind! No matter what you’ve done to these two partitions, stop adding anything else there and also apply data recovery software to see whether you still have chances to recover the deleted partition data back. Hope you are lucky enough to take all possible partition files, photos, videos, mails and other stuffs back.

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