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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freeware for Formatted SD Card Recovery

Formatted SD Card 

SD card is a kind of format for mass data storage. This tiny device is non-volatile, and no power is needed to maintain the information stored in the chip. We can find it almost everywhere, such as in digital cameras, personal digital assistants, digital audio players, cell phones, MP3 players and other solid-state drives. Apart from general storage, it can furthermore transfer data between computer and other digital devices. Most people just know above these about SD card. Technically speaking, SD card offers faster read speed and better kinetic shock resistance than hard disks. SD card is a specific type of electrically-erasable programmable read-only memory, which means users can delete files or program in large blocks.

Software to Recover Data from sd memory card
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#2 Data Recovery Software
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#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

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When your SD card cannot be accessed normally, do not be panic. Free data recovery utilities can be used to unformat SD card and recover lost files.

Possible Causes for Card Format

Data loss has become a common phenomenon. Card format is one of the data killers. Let's first see two typical card format cases:
"Hi. I am having trouble accessing my SD card. I remembered it worked quite fine last time, but today I cannot access to it. Windows always pops up a message: "Your SD card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Please help me troubleshoot this problem, for there are a lot of important files on it. You suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated."                                 ---- By Windy

"Gosh. Someone help me! I just formatted my memory card while riding a bike. I know I shouldn't do the two things at the same time. Can someone give me a hand? Which recovery software can restore my card?"                   ----By Thomas
From the above two cases, we can see that accidental format and format error lead data lost from formatted card. 

Resolution for Formatted SD Card Recovery

Looking for a powerful and free recovery software is every card users' hope. Fortunately, free data recovery software is the one you want.
The data recovery software is a FREE, fast, and easy-to-use utility. It can recover your photos, images, digital clippings from your formatted SD card. If you think this software can only recover SD card data, you are certainly wrong. It provides effective and efficient data recovery from all major memory card formats including CF card, XD card, and Memory Stick, MMC, Mini- and MicroSD card and so on. Therefore, data recovery software can satisfy your demand to the most.

How to Recover Data from Formatted SD card?

Then this section will give you a systematic guide to do recovery by data recovery software. Some preparations need to be done. Firstly, download the data recovery software and install it on your computer. You are recommended do not install it on your system partition. Next, connect your formatted SD card to the computer (usually via a card reader).

Step A: Launch data recovery software, and choose "Format Recovery" module according to the reason for data loss on your memory card.
Step B: Select your SD card which has already been recognized. Tick "Recover" to find all lost file types.
Step C: After the search, you will see a list of partitions to preview the files. Click "Show Files", then you will see file/folder tree very soon.
Step D: Choose and preview lost files on your SD card that you want to recover. And then select a directory and press the "Save Files" button to save files on it.

With the data recovery software and follow the steps above, you can also recover files from a formatted CF card. You can recover photos from CF card when you format it by mistake or CF card has not formatted RAW drive error.


  1. hello there, it is a very nice information about data recovery. i like to share my experience. i have lost all of my photos in sd card because of accidental format. i thought it could not be recovered at first place then i came to know about the recovery software for sd cards. you can also recover sd card pictures easily.


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