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Monday, May 12, 2014

Seagate Hard Drive Not Formatted Windows 7

I have a Seagate hard disk on my computer. When I was trying to access a hard disk partition on my computer, I got an error message that disk drive needs to be formatted before I can use it. My computer is running Windows 7 OS and the hard disk was divided into four partitions. Now, I cannot access the E drive due to not formatted error, while the rest partitions can work normally. The partition shows RAW file system with chkdsk. How can I fix the not formatted error on E drive without formatting it?

Probably you are quite familiar with such kind of problem because the similar question is frequently asked by different people in forums. However, few people will really care about the solution for the problem until they run into the disaster. Now, if you are unfortunately encounter disk not formatted error on the Seagate hard disk drive, you may follow the instructions below.

Seagate Hard Disk Recovery

Free download Seagate disk recovery software
Disk not formatted error only disables you to access the disk partition, but it doesn’t delete data stored on the partition. Therefore, when you receive disk not formatted error message on your Seagate hard drive, the first thing is to extract the files from the partition and move them to another device. Seagate disk recovery software can do such a work to list all files stored on the partition after scanning, so you can save those found files to another device. And finally, you can format the hard disk partition without worrying that files will get lost. When files are recovered with help of Seagate disk recovery software, you can try to format the disk partition to fix the Seagate hard drive not formatted error.

How to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive?
Step1. Free download and install Seagate disk recovery software. Launch the software for Seagate hard drive data recovery.
Step2. Choose the Seagate hard drive partition which shows not formatted error to scan. You need to wait during the scanning.
Step3. After scanning, you can preview and save the found files.

Seagate Disk Recovery Software Is Available in Following Cases
Case1: Access is denied windows 7
"I have a Seagate hard disk drive installed on my computer and I divided it into five partitions. Now, the problem is when I click the D drive, I get a message like D drive is not accessible, access is denied. Checking its properties, I found its file system is shown as RAW."

Case2: Windows was unable to format Seagate disk partition Windows 7
"I cannot format Seagate hard disk on Windows 7 because it says Windows was unable to complete the formatting. However, if I don’t format the disk, Windows always ask me to format it when I try to access it. Please tell me the solution."

Case3: Partition is shown as unallocated volume
"One partition doesn’t show up in my computer, but it is shown as an unallocated disk volume on Disk Management. When I right click the partition on Disk Management, the only option is Format, but I don’t want to format it since thousands of precious pictures and videos are stored there."

For all cases above, Seagate disk recovery software is helpful with the disk partition data recovery. You must know that the recovery software is only to help you restore files stored on the partition, but it doesn’t have any help if you want to fix the disk problems.
The data recovery software also allows you to restore files from unformatted memory card / stick.

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