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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Undo Shift Delete Windows 7

Is your computer running Windows 7 operating system? As everyone knows, if files get deleted by Shift + Delete keys on Windows 7, they will be removed immediately from the location and you can no longer restore them from Recycle Bin. Therefore, we often think that shift + delete keys is a way to erase files permanently from a computer. If you want to undo Shift Delete and restore files permanently by pressing Shift + Delete keys, you need to rely on professional data recovery software.

Restore Shift Deleted Files on Windows 7
Free download Windows 7 recovery software to restore all types of files when deleted by Shift + Delete keys on Windows 7 OS. It is reliable and secure.

Windows7 recovery software is a specialized data recovery program for all Windows PC users to restore files when got lost due to various reasons. Therefore, if you want to restore deleted files on Windows 7, Windows 7 recovery software can always do a perfect work. It is able to recover deleted folder and files in batch. 

Why Windows 7 Recovery Software?
When you want to choose a recovery tool, you may take many factors into consideration. Windows 7 recovery software has powerful functions and advanced features, which deserves your try. You can learn more about the Windows 7 recovery software from users who have ever used this software.

User1: Thanks to Windows 7 recovery software, it helps me recover all deleted pictures and music which has been permanently deleted. It is effective and quick. This software provides easy way to deep scan the partition where data got deleted to search for every piece of deleted files.

User2: This is the best recovery software I have ever run into. It helps me recover almost all deleted files form the Windows 7 hard disk partition. The software is quite easy to use and efficient. What surprised me is that I don’t need to wait for a long time during the scan. The software can quickly scan the selected device and search for lost files.

User3: I like the Windows 7 recovery software because it allows me to preview the found files before I decide to recover them. I have stored thousands of files on the disk, so I need to preview the found files to evaluate their quality and confirm if they are the deleted files that I want to recover.

Recover Shift Deleted Files from External Device
With Windows 7 recovery software, you can not only recover files deleted from hard disk partition. You can also recover files from external device like external hard disk, flash drive, memory card, etc when got deleted on computer or other device. The software works on all kinds of storage media on Windows PC. You can restore deleted images from memory card.
The data recovery software can not only recover files after deleting, but also enables you to recover files when you format SD card by mistake or when micro SD card requires formatting.

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