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Monday, June 15, 2015

Lost Memory Card Space Recovery

Computer Does Not Shows all Memory Card Space?

Situation1: Hey, I have tried to use a 16GB SD card on a Mac computer and finally failed. So, I put it back to my Samsung mobile phone and find there is no any response. It just seems it even is not mounted there. What’s worse, when I insert it to my Windows laptop, the computer even can only recognize 40MB of this memory card space, not even the most of the card space. Is there any idea for me to fix this?

Situation2: Hello! My LG mobile phone has been used with an 8GB memory card so that some new pictures, audios, messages and the likes can be easily upload to my computer. However, recently, something weird happens. This memory card has been shown with "used space: 12GB". However, the maximum capacity of this memory card is only 8GB. How come it detected with larger space? Can anyone help explain this? How can I fix this memory card error?
Situation3: Purchased 1GB SD card only shows 480MB on my PC. Where is the rest memory card space? How can I recover my lost memory card space back?

Disconnect Memory Card or Insert It to Another Computer?

Hey, friend! Sometimes, the connected memory card could be detected with wrong space due to improper extraction/inserting, memory card corruption, incompatible memory card file system and even computer problems, etc. So, to confirm whether it is aroused by the computer issues, simply disconnect it from the original PC and go try it on another computer. If you do find the same storage card is detected normally as before on another computer, you’d better back up memory card data well and find the computer issues as soon as possible. But, if this memory card is still displayed with wrong capacity, you’d better try to format this memory card to see whether the rest space can be easily recovered before backing everything important on another drive or location. 

Format Memory Card to Recover Lost Space

Have checked this memory card on another computer and found this wrong memory card space issue is not aroused by computer problems? OK! Never panic! The best way for you right now is to format this memory card and see whether the formatting process can help recover lost memory card space back. Here are two methods for you to get your desired memory card space back: 
Method1: Format Your SD Card, Micro SD Card or Memory Stick with Windows Format Tool
As we all known, the windows operating system has offered a built-in format tool to help users to simplify the formatting process. So, when you try to format your SD card, Micro SD card or memory stick and take the rest storage card space back, you can easily right click your memory card in "My Computer" to select "Format" option and set the compatible memory card file system, format option and the likes. And at last, press "Start" button to format this memory card with patience.

Method2: Format Your CF Card, TF Card, MMC card or More Memory Card with Format Software
In some cases, the built-in Windows format tool makes no difference no matter how many times you have tried to format your inserted memory card. And then, you can select and download some professional format software, which can offers users some low level format, full format, quick format or other format options, to fix the possible problems of your CF card, TF card, MMC card or the like memory cards. 

You Also Should Pay Attention:

1). Make Memory Card Data backups well before any format.
Have double checked your memory card data backups well before you start to format this storage card? If not, do not rush to format or do anything else to this memory card. Simply find two or more storage device and make memory card data backups on these devices in case of unpredictable file, video, image, message, mail and audio loss troubles.
2). Memory card format recovery software can help recover original memory card data after format.
Have already forgotten to prepare memory card data backups and formatted this memory card completely? OK! Never panic! Before these original contents of your memory cards, like SD cards, CF cards, Micro SD cards, TF Cards, memory sticks and others, are really wiped or becomes irrecoverable, memory card format recovery software can still help retrieve all possible pictures, documents, videos, songs, texts, SMS and more back. Never format memory card without data backups again in the future.
3). Ask experts for help, if it is necessary.
When this memory card issue is really caused by computer problems, without figuring out the practical solutions, you are supposed to consult some memory card experts. Of course, if you do have used format software to format this memory card and also recover no original space back, some professional experts also can be you last chance, if this memory card is really very, very important for you. 

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