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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CF Card Not Formatted Error

What is CF Card Not Formatted Error? 

Are you unable to access the office files, images, videos and songs from your CF card? Windows frequently shows memory card not formatted error when you want to open your CF card? Have you ever encountered with such CF card notformatted error or similar "CF card cannot be formatted" on your digital camera or mobile phone or on your computer? It seems like such error often happens on digital device users no matter you are using a Samsung digital camera or a Sony smart phone.

When you run into CF card not formatted error, do you know what to do next? How to get back those inaccessible data from a CF card when it shows not formatted error? Take it easy, there are many data recovery tools which can help you out of such a tough moment. Among so many recovery tools, there is one reliable and powerful CF Card Recovery Software. This software is free and widely used by many people who suffer from data loss. 

What You Need to Do When You Run into CF Card Not Formatted Error?

The error message asks you to format your CF card and disables you to access the data inside. Do you need to format the CF card now? No! You should stop using the CF card rather than format it. The reason why you need to do this is that format may decrease or even lose the chance to get back the data inside. In addition, avoid saving new files to the CF card. Reason for this is to avoid the old data being overwritten.
If you receive not formatted message on micro SD card or when SD card is not detected by PC, you can also use the data recovery software to retrieve files.

How to Fix CF Card Not Formatted Error?

Step1. Download, install and run the CF Card Recovery Software on your computer. Connect the CF card to your computer via a card reader or USB cable.
Step2. Select the proper module and choose your CF card from the list by drive letter, click the "Recover" option. Then the software will scan the CF memory card for lost files.  
Step3. When the scan is finished, you can make use of the "Show Files" option to preview the found files and evaluate the quality.
Step4. Choose another storage device to save the recovered files. Tick the files need to be recovered and click "Save Files" option.
Step5. Format the CF card. 

Why CF Card Shows Not Formatted Error?

CF card is damaged or corrupted. If CF card is physically damaged due to years of using or some other reasons, you need to change another memory card and the data inside is impossible to recover. If the CF card is  corrupted because of virus attack, file system damage or incorrect formatting. The data can be recovered by using the method above.
Errors during conversion of file system. Memory card is often formatted with FAT file system. If you format it as NTFS file system mistakenly or on purpose, you may run into memory card not formatted error.

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