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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CF Card Recovery

Free Recover Photos from CF Card – Undelete CF Card, Unformat CF Card, CF Card Not Formatted Error 

No matter you are using a CF card on digital camera, a mobile phone or any other device; there are several reasons that could cause data loss from your CF card. These reasons include mistakenly delete photos from your CF card, accidentally format your CF card, and CF card becomes not formatted and more. The chances of data recovery are quite different under different circumstances. In this article, I would like to share some information on CF card data recovery and how to recover photos from CF card under different situations.

Chance of Recover Lost Photos from CF Card 

1.      Delete Photos from CF Card – No matter you delete one or even all photos from your CF card; the chance of data recovery is still good as long as the lost photos are not overwritten. That means you should stop using your CF card once your delete photos. 
2.   Format CF Card – If you happen to format your CF card either on a digital camera or laptop and lost all the photos inside, you still have chance to recover the lost photos. Simply format CF card won’t erase the real data inside but make them invisible. So chances are very high to get back the lost photos after format. 
3.     CF Card Not Formatted Error – The reason why a CF card runs into not formatted error is quite different. Maybe it is infect with virus or CF card fails during the process of writing data to the card. CF card is unreadable when connecting to computer. Under such circumstance, lost photos are also recoverable. 
4.     CF Card Gets Physically Damaged – If your CF card get physically damaged, the chance of data recovery are low to none. So in order to avoid data loss, it is very important to put your CF card in safe place and prevent it from being damaged by accident. 

How to Recover Lost Photos from CF Card?

In many cases, lost photos can be recovered as long as the memory card is not physically damaged. You only need to use a data recovery tool and accomplish several simply steps.
Step1. Connect your CF card to your PC and download the free data recovery tool, install and run it on your PC.
Step2. Choose a module and highlight the CF card, and then click the "Recover" option. You will see the software will quickly scan your CF card for the lost photos.
Step3. After quick scan, you can preview all the found photos by hitting the "Files Preview".
Step4. Select a hard disk to save the recovered photos and mark all the photos you want to recover, click "Recover" option, all the photos will be stored to the hard disk.

Not Only Recover Photos, but Also Recover Any File from CF Card

With the free data recovery software, you can not only recover lost photos from CF card, but also you can recover videos, music, AVI file, images and documents no matter they get lost for any reason. 
The software also allows you to recover data from other memory card. For example, you can recover data from unrecognized SD card, formatted XD card and more.

Tips for CF Card Recovery

1.       Stop adding any new data to the CF card after format or delete or other reasons.
2.       Don’t store the recovered data to the original CF card in case of overwriting.

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