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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deleted Photo Recovery from CF Card

Delete Photos from Your CF Card? 

Did you accidentally delete some valuable photos from your CF card but you never know deleted photos from memory card are recoverable? Or maybe you know deleted photos can be recovered but you are unable to find a good solution to get them back? Whatever, recovering deleted photos from a memory card has never been that difficult since you only need to use CF card recovery software. CF card recovery software is completely free and enables you to recover any data from a memory card. If you are happen to looking for a good solution to recover deleted photos from a CF card, please keep reading. I will tell you more information about deleted photos recovery in this article.

Why Deleted Photos Are Recoverable?

Before recovering deleted photos step by step, you may be interested in knowing where are the deleted photos gone and why they are recoverable? In fact, photos after delete are still store in the original memory card but you cannot see them. So you need to do something to make those deleted photos visible again. What I said you must do something means data recovery. Here you must also keep in mind stop adding more photos or other files to original CF card, or the old data will be overwritten. If so, you may lose the chance to get back the deleted photos.
Now, let’s begin to recover the deleted photos step by step.

Here is the Solution to Recover Lost Photos from CF Card

Step1. Connect the CF card to your PC. Download, install and launch the CF card recovery software on your PC.
Step2. Select the proper module and highlight the CF card, click the "Recover" option to begin to scan the deleted photos from your CF card.
Step3. When the scan is finished, it will list all the found photos and you can preview them by clicking "Files Preview" option.
Step4. Choose another storage device to save the recovered photos. Mark all the photos and click "Recover" option.
Now you can see, it is really easy and doesn’t require any advanced or professional knowledge of data recovery skills to get back the deleted photos by using CF card recovery software. Besides, this freeware can also recover almost all other file formats including images, videos, music and documents and more. 

File recovery is possible from Compact Flash card when memory card has unrecognized format error and becomes unreadable. Usually, you can use the software to recover files when SD card is not recognized, CF card is not accessible, etc.

Important Tips for Deleted Photo Recovery from CF Card

If you run into data loss problem and need to recover data by using CF card recovery software, there are some important tips for you in order to increase the chance of data recovery.
Tip1. Don’t add more photos or other data to the CF card.
Tip2. Don’t save the recovered data to the original CF card.
These two tips are for the sake of avoiding original data being overwritten. 

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