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Monday, August 31, 2015

PC Power Went off Suddenly While Running CHKDSK. What to Do Next?

Hello, several minutes ago, when I was running computer CHKDSK tool to test a 500GB WD external hard disk with some important school files, the PC power suddenly went off. What am I supposed to do now? Can I straightly go on the disk checking process when the electronic was back? What I can do to protect both of my external hard disk and inner left information safe? Thank you for any suggestion here! 

Hey, how does this external hard disk response on your PC after that sudden power loss? Get any drive not formatted error problem or the likes? If not, you’d better firstly extract all your important school files out and prepare file backups well on other drives or locations. And then, go test this WD USB hard disk with CHKDSK tool one more time. But, if you unluckily get some unfamiliar drive problems, in case of creating worse troubles, act carefully and follow bellow guidance to see what you can do to rescue all possible stuffs back.

Step1. Restart Your Computer When the Power Is Back
In case of farther drive data loss troubles, when the power is back, merely reboot your computer and also plunge the same external hard disk to the same computer. And then, do something to fix your drive according the drive conditions. Never randomly format or overwrite this WD drive before you take your desired files and other information back. Of course, the immediate disk checking process is also not proper to be performed there.

Step2. Check the present state of your external hard disk
How does this external hard disk work after connecting this external drive to your PC? Generally, after sudden power loss, you often can encounter three different states related to your WD USB hard disk.
Firstly, WD external hard disk is read well on any computer.
When your external hard disk is not damaged by that instant power loss, it often can be read and viewed as usual. And you can freely do whatever you want after making drive data backups well.
Secondly, WD external hard disk gets physical damages.
When your USB hard disk is probably physically damaged and asks you to format due to some unsupported RAW file system issues, hard disk errors and more, it often will not be able to be accessed before any format. And anything new saved or moved to the same storage device will also be a great threat to your original drive file. Therefore, stop keeping using this drive to hold new stuffs and leave it alone to avoid any data loss issue for a while.
Thirdly, WD external hard disk gets physically damaged.
When your storage device is physically damaged due to that sudden power loss and cannot be read on any computer or machine, you often have no promising way to recover original drive data back, unless you do have stored the drive data backups elsewhere. Therefore, unless you are willing to pay much money to take chances with some data recovery companies or experts, you’d better discard that drive and learn to save several copy of everything to different drives/places from now on.
Does any of these ones familiar with you? Hope your drive is not completely corrupted and irrecoverable.

Step3. Write no new data there & go recover inaccessible data with external hard disk recovery software.
WD external hard disk with many useful school files are inaccessible due to drive not formatted error, RAW file system errors or the like drive problems? OK! Fortunately, at least, your drive is not mechanically damaged. Before your hard disk data is corrupted or replaced by anything fresh there, go download external drive not formatted error recovery software to see whether you can rescue desired files back before any format.

Step4. Go check this disk again at last.
No matter why you are trying to test this external drive with CHKDSK, after getting your preferable school files back, you can freely open this error-checking tool and run it to diagnose your drive again. If it is still healthy, go on using it to store your crucial data and also learn a lesson to prepare drive data backups all the time. But, it gets too many bad sectors or other damages, do not save very valuable data there and only use it to store or transfer backed-up or non-important data temporarily. Overall, learn to keep useful data away from this unreliable device in case of worse data loss troubles. 

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Situation1: Hey, while installing Windows 8 operating system on my computer, I just suddenly turned off my PC and everything became really bad. There was a message saying that my computer hard disk needed to be formatted due to RAW file system. Is there anything for me to fix everything up?
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No matter what kind of PC power loss troubles, as long as your computer drive is still recognizable, you often can follow the above steps to fix your drive and rescue lost PC data.

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