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Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Deal with an Old Computer Hard Disk?

Have an Old Computer Hard Disk & Don’t Know How to Cope with It?

Hey, friends! The day before yesterday, I did have purchased a new Samsung laptop since the old dell desktop had corrupted after having been used over three years. And I also want to know how I can deal with a 560GB old hard disk that has been used on this dell computer for only one year. Is it proper to keep using this old hard disk on my new computer? Is it still safe for holding some key data? Is there any other way to cope with this drive? Thanks in advance!

OK! As long as this old hard disk is not mechanically damaged, people often can cope with it in many ways. Here are some common ways that you can make full use of this old drive. Hope anyone of them can be what you are looking for.

1). Give This Old Hard Disk Away. 
Many people, schools, orphanages or other organizations have no enough hard disks to use. To help the people or children there also be able to lean or use hard disk freely, you can go check the similar organizations around your blocks and donate it to them. Of course, you do have other old stuffs that they needs. You also can give them away to them together. 
Please Note: No matter how long you’ve used this old drive or how much data you’ve saved there before, always remember to back up the drive data elsewhere and secure erase it in advance.
2). Use it on your new PC again
Still want to use this old hard disk on your new PC again? OK! That’s also a good way to go on. Merely remove it out from your old computer and connect it to your PC. When you want to use it as an internal hard disk as before, merely insert it to your computer motherboard and also remember to reset your computer. But, if you want to use it as an external hard disk, simply add a USB enclose to this old drive.
Please Note: If you do know nothing about how to add a old hard disk to a new computer, no matter whether you plan to used it as an internal/external drive, go consult some experts and see what you are supposed to do.
3). Sell the drive on the market.
Of course, if you do have enough hard disk or storage devices to use and you are also this drive is still healthy, you also are able to sell it on the secondary drive mark. Merely go find a secondary stuff selling websites over the internet and then, finish the drive description, label a proper price, left your contact information and just wait.
Please Note: If you really do not know the proper price, merely go check the similar secondary hard disk and see how much they have been priced.
4). Discard the drive when it is completely physically damaged.
If the old hard disk is also seriously damaged when your old dell computer is corrupted, you also can discard it directly. Why? The physically damaged hard disk, especially some burned ones, broken ones or the likes, often will never be accessed on any computer or machine. Your stored hard disk data also will be inaccessible and irrecoverable forger.
Of course, if you are still worried that your data inside will be leaked somehow in the future, just break this old disk into pieces with your hammer.

Please Note:

1). Firstly perform diagnosing processes on this old hard disk to see whether it is still useful.
As we’ve talked above, the physically damaged drive often cannot be accessed or used again. Therefore, if you really want to sell or donate it, you’d better firstly check this drive to see whether it is still workable or functional. If any diagnostic software or tool cannot fix the scanned drive problems, you’d better not go using it again.
2). Never left any personal or commercial information on that old drive before donating or selling.
Before you decide to sell or donate your drive, in case of leaking drive data to some vicious people, you’d better left no personal or commercial data on that old drive. Just go secure erase this drive several times. Of course, you also can download some professional drive secure erasing software to go on.
3). Extract all useful information out and prepare data backups elsewhere.
This hard disk still has held some useful information, like work documents, precious photos, music and some other files, you’d better firstly extract them all out and save them all on your backup drives or devices in case of losing them accidentally. 

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