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Monday, September 14, 2015

Does Frequent Disk Defrag Do Harms to Your PC Hard Disk?

Is It Necessary to Clean Computer Hard Disk Fragments Often?
"Hello, your guys have ever cleaned your computer hard disk fragments often? Recently, I am thinking whether it is necessary to defragment computer hard disk frequently and how often it is proper to do that fragment cleaning process there? Does that process decrease the life- space of my hard disk? Do you have any idea? Thanks for any clue here! "
Hello, friends! The hard disk fragment cleaning is really necessary to keep hard disk with enough free space and also keep it healthy. However, there is also no need to defragment it too often, like every week. Merely keep performing the disk defragging process there once a moth.

How Are the Hard Disk Fragments Generated?   
Generally, our computers store the assigned files separately on different sections on our PC internal/external hard disks, not on the continuous sections there as we often think. Moreover, the computer Windows sometimes will also use the virtual memory to hold computer information and frequently write or read our computer hard disk. And then, the hard disk fragments are generated during these processes. And then, over the time, the longer the computer hard disk is used there, the more the hard disk fragments is created and takes hard disk space.

Why to Defrag Computer Internal/External Hard Disk?
Without defragging the computer internal/external hard disk for a really, really long time, the computer will generate more and more hard disk fragments. And these hard disk fragments will not only occupy the computer hard disk space to affect the common use of your PC hard disk, and also will increase the possibilities of losing the reserved hard disk files, videos, movies, mails and the like contents. Therefore, in order to keep your hard disk effectively and cause no unwanted hard disk damages, it is absolutely necessary to defrag your assigned hard disk.

Do Not Clean the Disk Fragments Too Often!
However, the hard disk defragment process is also not proper to be performed on your computer hard disk too frequently. Why? Just like washing the shoes, no matter how fashionable and highly-qualified they are produced, the too often washing finally will fade the color and even damaging the shoe vamps, or even worse, right? The too frequently disk defragging processes also is able to damage your hard disk and even causes disk physical damages. Therefore, do not do that disk cleaning processes too often. Simply do that one a moth, not one a week. That is OK! 

How to Clean Computer Hard Disk Fragments Step by Step?
Do you know how to clean your computer hard disk fragments? If not, also follow these steps to go on:
Step1. Right click your desired hard disk in My Computer.
Step2. Highlight the Properties and click Tools tab.
Step3. Press Defragment Now button to clean the selected disk.
Please Note: If you don’t want to use the Windows built-in defragment tools, you also can download some hard disk cleaning software to keep your hard disk away from such fragments.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind Before Any Disk Defrag:
1). Keep the target hard disk contents unused before any disk defrag.
In case that the hard disk defragging process is automatically stopped and restarted again when it detects some of your hard disk files or applications are still using on your PC or elsewhere, you’d better close all running software, processes and the likes. Just keep everything inside unused temporarily.
2). Check hard disk data and prepare drive data backups elsewhere in advance.
As the common hard disk erasing process, the hard disk defragging process also is possible to wipe something stored on your selected hard disk. Therefore, in case of losing any important files, images, films and more, always check your hard disk data carefully and create disk data backups on different external hard disks or USB flash drives well. Of course, if you do delete something useful without double checking, also go try external hard disk data recovery software to recover deleted files from that external hard disk.
3). Apply computer hard disk managing software to help you.
Of course, if you think the disk defragging process once a month is also troublesome and impossible for you, also do not worry. Go download hard disk managing software and let it scan your disk thoroughly to see whether it is necessary to perform a defragging process there.

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