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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Move Data from 1TB HDD to a 4TB HDD

Need to Transfer Everything inside a 1TB HDD to a 4TB HDD
"Hello, I recently have bought a new 4TB HDD for my PC and wonder to copy everything stored on a 1TB HDD to this new drive. And, I just plan to use it as the main drive, not the old 1TB one any longer. But, I don’t know whether it is proper. What is supposed to take care during the data transferring? Thanks for any answer here!"

Hello, friend! It is not as easy as you think to move everything from 1TB hard disk to 4TB hard disk, for the 4TB HDD often has been designed with different features, which often will not always work with different versions of Windows OS. You’d better do something according to your own conditions.

You Cannot Clone Everything Directly to This 4TB HDD!
Generally, in these days, not all computers can recognize and use a HDD with up to 4TB capacity. Therefore, before you decide to instead your 1TB internal hard disk with this 4TB one, you’d better firstly check whether your PC gets the desired configurations, including:
* Your computer Windows is 64 bit?
* Your computer motherboard supports UEFI connection?
* Your computer recognizes GPT file system hard disk? (The MBR file system always has a drive size limit up to 2.1 TB or 2.2 TB only)
Does your computer meet such configuration needs? If not, you often cannot clone everything directly. Go ask some professional experts for help.

Simple Steps to Copy Desired Data from 1TB Drive to 4TB Drive
Your computer does have met above mentioned configuration needs? OK! You can know more detailed steps to clone your desired data:
Step1. Do a full backup of the old 1TB hard disk.
In case that your original 1TB hard disk information inside is lost, missing, deleted or lost during the data transferring process, you’d better never forget to firstly back up everything valuable to another storage device, like computer operating system files and folders, computer applications, computer files, images and the likes.
Step2. Plunge this 4TB hard disk to your PC.
Remember shut down your PC safely and also connect this 4TB drive to your computer motherboard through the UEFI ports.
Step3. Install Windows OS on your 4TB hard disk.
Merely download the latest version of your used Windows OS to this 4TB hard disk and install it well there. If necessary, also remember to partition it as well as you hope.
Step4. Clone everything desired from 1TB to 4TB drive.
In this moment, you can do have two ways to go. Firstly, merely copy and paste all important computer files and folders from 1TB HDD to 4TB HDD one by one manually. The more you have left data there, the more troublesome it will be to complete the data transformation. Of course, if you do not want causes troubles for yourself, also choose and download drive cloning software to your PC. With effective cloning application installed there, what you are supposed to do is only follow its guidance to transfer everything there within several simple clicks. And then, just wait till everything is done.

Related HDD Data Recovery Problems
You’ve ever tried to delete or shift delete something very important off from computer hard disk, like the operating system files and folders, urgently needed documents or valuable hard disk videos or photos? You’ve ever tried to format HDD by mistake since computer partition or hard disk has RAW file system or not formatted error? You’ve ever had to format computer hard disk due to virus damages? Or you’ve ever lost desired hard disk data due to careless operations? OK! No worry! Such HDD data loss troubles happen to people occasionally. They all are common. Just keep yourself calm when you do encounter such troubles and download related HDD file recovery software to take chances. Merely remember to leave this hard disk alone immediately and start to scan it patiently when you do install and launch needed data recovery software on a different storage device. And then, just wait and see how many original drive hard disk files could be restored with success.

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