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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to Restore Data from Formatted Samsung Hard Disk Drive?

What Should You Do after Formatting a Samsung Hard Drive?

Have you ever formatted your Samsung hard disk drive for this and that kind of reasons? What if you format the Samsung hard drive wrongly and lose everything inside? What should you do after formatting the Samsung hard drive? You don’t need to panic since you can do something to deal with the data loss due to formatting. You can take following measures to avoid further data loss from your Samsung hard disk drive.

1. Stop writing files to the Samsung hard drive
2. Don’t reformat the Samsung hard disk drive
3. If Samsung hard drive stops working due to unformat error, please ignore the error message (You cannot format the hard drive for the sake of the data inside).

Get the Solution for Samsung Format Recovery
Whether you have some knowledge about lost data recovery or not, the most important point you should know is that the data which has been overwritten is not recoverable. This is also the reason why I said you should stop writing files for reformatting the Samsung hard drive after data loss. Once you get this point clearly, you will find data recovery from formatted Samsung hard disk drive is quite easy.
Samsung format recovery software is available for all users who need to recover lost files from the Samsung hard disk drive after formatting. By using this tool, you are able to restore all types of files within one time with a few mouse clicks. This data recovery software also helps restore files after reformat memory card by error or due to memory card corruption. This software helps recover files from SD card, retrieve photos from CF card and so on.

Why Can You Rely on Samsung Recovery Software?
When you are looking for a data recovery program for file recovery, you must want to select the best one. Then what features does Samsung recovery software have? Why can you rely on it? Apart from free of charge, Samsung recovery software also has following features:

1. You can perform deep scan on the Samsung hard drive with this software, so you can always find out the lost data even all other similar data recovery software fails.
2. It is compatible with several Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP/7/Vista
3. It can restore lost files due to quick format or full format
4. Even Samsung hard drive cannot work properly due to failures, bad sectors, etc, this software is still helpful.
5. It is capable of restoring photos, music, folders, movies, ZIP, emails, doc files, documents, PDF files, RAW images and more.

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