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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

External Hard Disk Bad Sector Fix

What Is the Best Way to Fix External Hard Disk Bad Sector Problem?
Hello, please help me remove fix hard disk bad sector problems! Recently, I really doubt my Seagate external hard disk is dying since my Samsung computer keeps turning itself off and the computer PC diagnosing software says this hard disk has many bad sectors. Is there any way to fix the hard disk bad sector error? Thank you for any suggestion here! 

Honestly, there is no effective way for people to repair the hard disk bad sectors computer. But, that doesn’t mean people can do nothing to fix the hard disk bad sector problems. In fact, there are many related external hard disk tools that can help mark the bad sectors of your hard disk and help lose no more hard disk information. Therefore, do not panic and see what you can do to cope with such USB hard disk bad sector issues.

What Are Hard Disk Bad Sectors?
The hard disk bad sectors often describe some physically damaged hard disk clusters that often cannot be read and write. Moreover, anything written on these bad sectors of your hard disk often will be damaged and become irrecoverable permanently. Furthermore, since these bad sectors are already physically corrupted, they often will not be repaired, except you are trying to perform a low level there. Hence, the hard disk bad sectors could be the great threats to your reserved hard disk data. Always back up hard disk data to avoid data loss troubles caused by disk bad sectors.

What Can Causes USB Hard Disk Bad Sectors?
Generally, in daily use, many elements can bring people hard disk bad sectors. Sometimes, even when people do nothing improper to the original hard disk, over the time, people also get bad sector problems at last. Here are some major causes of USB hard disk bad sector issues.
1). Natural USB hard disk wear 
Are you sure you do have safely used and removed your external hard disk all the time and really confused about why you also have got similar hard disk bad sector problems? OK! Never mind! Like other objects in our world, the external hard disk also are damaged gradually over the time, especially when you do frequently use it to store or transfer different PC data. Therefore, the nature wear also is one of the major reasons why people face such hard disk bad sector issues.
2). Sudden Power Loss
The external hard disk also can get bad sector problems due to some sudden power loss situations caused by sudden power surge, improper external drive removing, hard disk shocking, dropping, hitting and some improper hard disk formatting, etc.
3). Improper operations
Of course, as we all know, some improper operations also damage hard disk and bring bad sector issues for people. Overall, there are many elements that can cause bad sectors for your external hard disks with much data.
Hope you can pay more attention to rightly using your external hard disk.

What to Fix Portable Hard Disk Bad Sectors?
Though there is no effective way to repair the external hard disk bad sectors completely, there are ways or programs for people to fix the hard disk bad sector issues and help people use the same portable hard disk safely. Therefore, if you still want to continue using the same drive to store your data, you also are supposed to use similar programs or tools to help you out.
Method1: Open computer CHKDSK tool.
Like other common hard disk issues, you also can start the Windows built-in CHKDSK tool to scan your external hard disk with bad sector errors and see whether it is still possible to fix this error problem. What the error-checking tool does is only to mark the bad sectors out and never use them again in case of losing more data. Therefore, go check your drive as soon as possible.
Method2: Apply professional hard disk diagnosing software.
The CHKDSK tool also makes no difference with this external drive bad sector issues? Go check some professional hard disk diagnostic software that will also mark the scanned bad sectors out and help the hard disk users lose no more useful hard disk data. Hence, do not randomly use this original drive to store new data and download proper software to scan this hard disk.
Please Note: In case of losing much more original hard disk data, no matter which method you will follow, always copy everything important to another drive or device in advance.

USB Hard Disk Also Is Able to Fail due to Hard Disk Bad Sectors
After scanning this USB hard disk with some professional software, you also are stuck in such drive bad sector issues? OK! It seems your USB hard disk has got too many bad sectors and cannot be fixed yet. In fact, the external hard disk also can be completely failed or died due to too many bad sectors. Hence, if you really have no extra way to fix this issue, merely purchase another new one for future use. 

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