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Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Set Up a New Hard Drive on Your Computer?

Need Set Up a New Hard Drive on My Windows Computer?
"Hello, what can I do to set up a new hard disk on my computer to instead an old and died HD? In fact, I have used this old HD on this Windows 7 desktop computer for several years and find it recently gets too many bad sectors which extremely negatively affect the computer performance. Yesterdays, the computer even shut down and restarted several times in only one hour. Therefore, I have planed to purchase a new internal hard disk to replace it there. But, I know not much about the computer hard disk and have no idea about how to set it up well on this computer. Do you get any clue to help me? Is it possible to set up this drive well there and also lose no data? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, friends! It is not difficult for people to set up a new hard drive on a Windows 7 computer without losing data. You are supposed to act carefully all the time. Go read the step-by-step tutorial below:

How to Set Up a New Hard Drive without Losing Old Computer Data?
In order to let your newly purchased hard disk work well on the Windows 7 computer and also cause no data loss, except plugging this hard disk and mounting it there, you also have far more steps to follow:

Step1. Back up everything Important to another storage device.
In order not to lose anything original, you are supposed to extract everything important out and save it all on another storage device at first. Is the "died" old internal hard disk still recognizable on your computer? If it is readable there, merely prepare another external drive or flash drive with enough free space and move everything important there in case that anything crucial would be deleted, lost or missing due to the latter operations. But, if this old drive cannot be accessed since the disk is not formatted or disk is in RAW format and asks to format or others, you’d better apply hard disk data recovery software to scan and recover original hard disk data as much as possible. However, if your old hard disk is not even detected on any computer, you’d better send it to data recovery companies or agencies to take all recoverable data back.
Please Note: No matter what your case is, always recover desired data to a different storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Step2. Check hard drive compatibility and computer configurations well. 
Have you already purchased a new internal hard disk for this computer? If so, you’d better first check your computer configurations well and see whether it is compatible with your PC. For example, merely check whether the hard disk USB port is compatible with your computer USB port, whether this new hard disk capacity is larger than the maximum internal hard drive size, and whether this hard disk has been designed with a compatible file system type, like NTFS or FAT32, etc. If anyone of these elements is incompatible with your PC, you’d better contact the sellers and change another compatible one as soon as possible in case of potential errors. Of course, if you have not bought a new one yet, go select one according to your computer configurations carefully.

Step3. Plug hard disk well and Install computer OS well.
And then, now, you are supposed to connect this new hard disk to your computer and install the computer OS well there. Merely connect it to your computer with the computer USB port and install your Windows 7 OS there again. Of course, if you do need to change another Windows version there, also remember to download a virus-free one copy from the safe sites or locations. Also download and install the updates, if it is possible.
Please Note: If you do have no any experience about computer OS installation and also have no any knowledge related, always go find some experts for help in case of any potential OS problems in the future.

Step4. Partition and format it well there.
Up to now, to use your installed hard disk well as before, you are also supposed to partition this drive into several ones as well as formatting these newly created partitions well for near future use. To partition this mounted HD, you’d better download drive partitioning software to help you. And then, also format these partitions (except the C partition or system partition) into a compatible file system type so that you can straightly use them to hold and manager your computer data well.
Please Note:
*If you do have find a expert to help you install the OS well and also ask him/her to partition it for you in case of any farther issues. After all, he/she knows much more knowledge related than you in this aspect, right?
*Please do not format the system partition after partitioning processes.

Step5. Set this hard disk as the first boot item in BIOS interface.
And then, in order to let your computer boot properly after changing the only one computer hard disk, you are also supposed to set the BIOS boot device correspondingly. Merely power on your PC and click Esc button on your keyboard till the computer BIOS Setup Utility interface shows on your computer screen. And then, choose Advanced BIOS Features to highlight Hard Disk Boot Priority and set your newly connected HD as the first boot item there. And then, press Esc button again to get back and go reboot your PC.
Please Note:
* Up to now, you can freely copy the necessary data back from the backup storage device when your computer boot up smoothly.
*In the future, also make computer data backups well all the time to avoid any unexpected data loss issues.

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