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Thursday, November 15, 2012

RAW SD Card Recovery

1. Urgent! My SD card now shows as RAW on my computer after inserting it and I cannot access to my photos inside. Please help me!! 

Hi! There! Don’t Worry! You can find a trustworthy photos recovery tool to help you. Generally, the Windows system always asks one to format the SD card as it is displayed as RAW. But the recovery program can cause data loss that we usually cannot afford. Therefore, considering these worries, the data recovery program is developed to help one out of these similar problems, such as the deletion or format recovery, the RAW or Inaccessible SD memory card data recovery.

2. OK! Which recovery tool is best for my situation?

As I know, there is a free recovery program which is best for you. I have ever tried and tested it. The consequence is great. It has four data recovery options: Advanced Files Recovery, Format Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery. Except the last one, the former three ones have restored my data completely and successfully. Actually, the Deep Scan Recovery also has recovered 80% at least. Therefore, you can select this program to recover your photos from the RAW SD card.
#1 Data Recovery Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, external drive etc. How to use: best disk recovery software for step by step guide

3. How could I do? It is just my first time to apply the recovery tools.

It is quite simple. You can do the recovery step by step as shown:
Step1. Stop saving anything new on this SD card in case of overwriting the photo data there.
Step2. Connect your SD card to your computer which has downloaded this free recovery tool.
Step3. Switch on it to select a fixable recovery mode from four. In your case, “Advanced Files Recovery” can be best for you.
Step4. Click your SD card on the list to scan the lost data and never forget to press “Recover” button in the right down corner.
Step5. Preview the recovered data to see whether all photos are restored rightly.
Step6. Save files. You should save the recovered photos on a different recovery media in case of recovery failure.

4. Will my SD card return to its normal use as before after the recovery?

No! It will not after the recovery. You need to format it at first. Formatting can return the RAW into NTFS or FAT32 that can be recognized by Windows or Mac.

With the data recovery software recommended above, you are able to restore data from RAW CF card and even when CF card is not recognized by digital camera or PC.

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