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Thursday, November 29, 2012

CF Card Photo Recovery

Accidentally Deleted Your Precious Photos from CF Card? 

As a CF card user, you may have met such issue or similar situation how can I recover lost photos that are deleted accidentally from a CF card? It is such a common issue that every CF card user may run into. When such a problem happens, don’t be upset! There is a good chance that you can get back deleted photos from a CF card with photo recovery software. What you need to do now is to stop using the card which saved your precious photos before and put it away. Actually say, the deleted photos are still saved inside the card but it becomes unreadable.

Free Recover Deleted Photos from CF Card 

You must get reliable and professional photo recovery software to ensure the best chance to get back the deleted photos. If you haven’t gotten a good one, you can try this photo recovery software. I have tested its function and it successfully recovered all the lost photos for me. Besides, this software is also completely free. You can get back the deleted photos only with a few steps in a very short time.
Step1. Connect your CF card to the computer better with a card reader. If you don’t have one, you can also connect it through your USB cable. Get free download of photo recovery software and install it on your computer. Launch the software.
Step2. Choose a proper module and select the drive letter your CF card represents, and then click the "Recover" option. Let the software scan your CF card automatically and you don’t need to do anything before the scanning is finished.
Step3. When the scanning is finished, you'll get a scan result containing all lost photos. You can preview them by click the "Show Files" option.
Step4. Select a hard drive to save the recovered photos, tick all the photos you need to recover and all the photos will be recovered by one click the "Save Files" option.
Please note: Don’t save the recovered photos to the original CF card. 

Freeware Supported Situations

This software cannot only recover deleted photos from CF card, but it also supports the following situations:
  • The CF card becomes corrupted and asks for a format when you want to access it.
  • CF card becomes inaccessible due to turning off your mobile phone while phone is on.
  • CF card damaged due to turning off your digital camera during a write process. 
  • Other unknown reasons.  

Users That Need Photo Recovery from CF Card

I have been using this Canon digital camera for many years, but after taking some pictures during my holiday the camera says that the CF card needs to be formatted. Is this a camera issue or a CF card issue? How do I deal with it?

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