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Friday, April 11, 2014

Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery Windows 7

A disk partition is lost on my computer that runs Windows 7 operating system. The hard disk is a Western Digital disk. When I start my computer just now, I found the E drive is not showing in "My Computer". I have stored many pictures and videos on this drive. Can anybody tell me how can I restore the lost partition on Windows 7?
                                                                                                                              - Steven from USA

Restore Lost Files from Western Digital Hard Drive on Windows 7

The method to restore lost files from the Western Digital hard disk drive is the process of searching for and locating the lost data. To do such a work, you must rely on third-party recovery tool. For the case above, Windows7 recovery software is the best choice because it is specially designed for Windows 7 users. Windows 7 recovery software is designed with advanced features, which is available for solving any data loss problem on all Western Digital hard disk drive models. Free, powerful, effective and easy-to-use, Windows 7 recovery software has helped millions of users with Western Digital hard drive data recovery.

More Reasons of Western Digital Hard Drive Data Loss
1. Mistaken deletion: when you are viewing files like photos, documents or any other files on your computer, you might mistakenly delete the files you need. If you can realize the mistake as soon as possible, you may be lucky enough to restore them from the Recycle Bin. However, what if it is too late to restore the deleted files from the Recycle Bin or they have never gone to the Recycle Bin if you delete the files by pressing Shift + Delete?

2. Wrong formatting: you may format the Western Digital hard drive due to some reasons. For example, you might format it to change the file type from fat32 to ntfs, or you just format it to make more free space, or you format the drive for system restore. However, can you ensure that you always backup the important data before formatting?

3. Western Digital hard drive failure: causes for Western Digital hard drive failure are various, while the symptoms of Western Digital hard drive failures are also quite different which include bad sectors, firmware issues, raw file system, I/O error, not formatted error, etc. When Western Digital hard drive failure occurs, you might be unable to access the data on the drive.

4. Other reasons: the reasons above are the most common causes for Western Digital hard drive data loss. In addition, it also include many other reasons, such as repartition the hard disk drive, Western Digital hard drive is shown as unallocated, etc. You can also restore files from other device such as corrupted memory card data recovery, unreadable memory card file recovery, unrecognized SD card photo recovery, etc.

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