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Friday, December 7, 2012

Can I Recover Deleted 3GP Videos on SD Card??

Recently, I deleted my very important 3GP videos and finally realized the seriousness several hours later. Therefore, I tried to find software to recover them from my SD card since I had read something of the recovery stuff in some forums before. But I could not remember the detailed information. Can anyone help me?
Have you rewritten the video data?
In modern high-technological society, people can easily recover deleted files from memory card or drive at the aid of a recovery tool. 
It is said that the memory card or drive doesn’t delete our files immediately at the moment of pressing the “Deletion” button. It is only the space used to store them is announced as “Available Space”. That’s why we can still recover them.
However, the “Available Space” also can be occupied by the new saving files, which is usually called “rewritten the original files”. Once the rewriting stuff happens, your overwritten files can be gone permanently. Therefore, you should take it out of your digital camera right now in case of any rewriting.

Here are the detailed procedures for you to restore your videos:  

<1>. Stop saving anything new on this SD card till you have regained all the original videos.
<2>. Download a recovery program to your computer or laptop and connect your SD card to this computer or laptop via a Card Reader. (Or you also can directly plunge your camera to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.)
As to the recovery program, you can go try a recovery freeware, which many people around me has tried to restore their files from the memory card or drive. It allows one to restore his data in different cases, such the format recovery, not format recovery, deletion recovery, RAW recovery, inaccessible memory card recovery, etc. It also allows one to restore photos, music, videos, and other files from all types of memory card and drive.  
<3>. Fire up the recovery freeware and select the “Advanced Files Recovery” option from four options. (The other three options are “Partition Recovery”, “Format Recovery” and “Deep Scan Recovery”.)
<4>. Choose your storage media on the list and hit the “Recover” button on the down right corner.
<5>. Mark out the needed files to preview and then save them all in a different drive or memory card.
<6>. Run the freeware more times till you have retrieved all your videos back.

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