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Monday, November 2, 2015

Cannot Access Secondary Hard Disk

I Cannot Access My Secondary Hard Disk. Please Help!
Situation1: Hello! I have installed an HDD as a secondary hard disk on my PC. It just works fine there till yesterday. It just stopped worked there and could not be accessed as usual. When I just tried to use it, there would be a message saying: "…is not accessible. Access denied". When I checked it in Disk Management, I even found no related hard disk there. Do you have any idea to fix this secondary hard disk issue? I really need at least one copy of everything inside to finish my homework. Thanks for any suggestion here!

Situation2: Hey, everyone there! I have a WD hard disk installed as a primary drive and another Seagate hard disk as a secondary drive for my new PC. However, recently I am not able to access any data stored on the secondary hard disk and it says the access is denied. Though I do have searched this top on the internet and find no practical solution. What do you think about my secondary hard disk problems? Is it still possible to re-access this drive? How about the inner stored hard disk files and videos? What am I supposed to do now?   
Hello, what exactly happen to this Secondary hard disk before you meet this access denied error message? Is this secondary hard disk still shown elsewhere, like My Computer, BIOS or else places? Go check this secondary hard disk and see what you can do with this access denied error problems. 

How to Let Your Secondary Hard Disk Accessible Again?
What have you done to this secondary hard disk since it is accessible? Or have successfully extracted anything inside out? If not, do not panic and go see the following methods are useful for you:
1). Reconnect this Secondary hard disk to take chances.
In your case, such secondary hard disk access denied problems are really possible to be aroused by loose or failed hard disk connection. To restore its functional use, you can go try to see whether it is connected rightly like this:
Step1. Back up computer important data on other drives or devices and power off your laptop.
Step2. Unplug this secondary hard disk and connect it there again with different PC ports or USB cable.
Step3. Boot your PC up and check whether this secondary hard disk could be shown functionally in Disk Management.
Step4. Check whether it is accessible or not there.
As long as your secondary hard disk is not corrupted itself, it often can be recognized well there as before.
If this hard disk is also cannot berecognize well there, go try the next step and see whether it could be restored.
2). Check whether the secondary hard disk is failed somehow.
If you are sure such secondary hard disk issues are not caused by incorrect/failed connection, you can go feather to check whether it is aroused by completely failed hard disk. What you are supposed to do is only like this:
Step1. Unplug this secondary hard disk after turning off your PC safely.
Step2. Plug it to another computer and see whether it can be read well there.
If your secondary hard disk could be recognized well on another computer, your computer must get some problems and go repair it as soon as possible. But, if this secondary hard disk also cannot be read well on another PC, your hard disk must get some problems and go check whether it is still health with CHKDSK. As long as it could be fixed with that error-checking tool, go attach it to your original PC again and see whether it could be used functionally as before. But, if the error-checking tool really cannot repair this hard disk problem, go consult some experts or professional repairing shops and see whether it could still be recoverable.
If it proves to be completely failed, merely go instead it with a better new one.
Overall, when your secondary hard disk is not even shown in Disk Management, you do often can use the above two ways to restore your hard disk use. Of course, if your situation is worse or complicated, do not forget to ask some professional persons for helps.

Rescue Secondary Hard Disk Files with Data Recovery Software
Secondary hard disk is not completely failed? Still need perform data recovery processes on this secondary hard disk and go recover left hard disk files? OK! Generally, as long as your hard disk is not completely damaged or corrupted, you often do have chances to recover the original hard disk videos, images, songs, mails and files. Therefore, before you really start to fix the hard disk access denied error problems, merely download hard disk data recovery software to scan this secondary hard disk and see whether your desired data is still recoverable. Of course, some data recovery services from professional data recovery shops or agencies also could be good chances after trying all possible data recovery software found. Overall, no matter what happens, several drive data backup copies also should be prepared on different drives or locations all the time, right?

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