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Monday, July 20, 2015

SSD or HDD for Game PC

Which One Is Better for a Game PC, a SSD or a HDD?

Situation1: Hey, recently, I do have planed to build a wonderful game computer and wonder which type of hard drives is better for the future use, a HDD or a SSD. Is there any difference between them? Is there any issue if I get a mixed configuration? Thanks?

Situation2: Hello, I need your opinions here! I want to purchase an SSD for my game computer. But, I also do have a 500GGB HDD that has been used only for one year. Is it necessary for me to buy a new SSD instead of this old HHD? Thanks for any answers!
Situation3: Hey, I do have read some articles online and know the SSD can help improve the computer performance and make computer faster in comparison with the common HHD. Is that true? Do you have any idea for me? 

Hello, everyone! The common HHD and HDD are created differently and also have their own advantages. To pick a better one for your game laptop or computer, you’d better read the below brief introduction and make your own decision according to your needs.

Why to Choose a HDD for a New Laptop?

As the common computer internal or external storage device, the HDD is made of three parts: the platters, the reading/writing heads and the reading/writing actuators. When people do read or write something from or on the computer, the drive actuators will leads the reading/writing heads to write or extract data from the hard drive. Just in this way, the traditional HDD also has its own advantages.
1). A HDD is much cheaper than a SSD.
Since the HDD has been created much earlier than the SSD, the manufacturing technologies of the HDD is often more mature. That’s also why the price of a HDD is often cheaper than a SSD with the same capacity.
2). A HDD has a larger maximum capacity than a SSD.
Due to different structure and immature technologies, the HDD offer much larger maximum capacity for people than a SSD.
Overall, in these days, it is really easy and common for people to get a traditional HDD with different brands, like Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate or Hitachi, etc.

Why to Choose a SSD for a New Game PC?

Being designed differently from a HDD, a SSD often composes of flash memory, not the some moving physical parts. Just due to this different structure, the SSD also get completely different advantages:
1). A SSD is faster than a HHD.
Since the SSD uses the flash memory, not some moving parts, to store computer data, to access or view the data stored on a SSD is often much faster than a HHD.
2). A SSD generates no noise.
Since the traditional hard drive or HDD is made up of some moving physical parts, when the drive is working, it also generates noises, too. That’s also why people test their drives sometimes according to the noises. But, since SSD composes of flash memory, there is no any sound that will be created.
3). A SSD also generates no heat.
Of course, also due to the different structure, they are also different in generating cheat. When using a traditional HD or HDD, you’d better always keep an eye on the drive or computer temperature to make sure they will not be damaged or failed for overheated. However, as with a SSD, you often have no such worry, for the SSD produce no heat when it is in use.
Overall, in this way, a SSD often help people get a faster computer performance.

Use a SDD & a HDD to Improve Computer Performance Together If possible

Every subject does have their own advantages and disadvantages. You’d better make your decision wisely. And, in my opinion, if there is enough money, you’d better get a mixed configuration. Just use the SSD and HDD together on your new game PC:
1). Save operating system files, programs, games and other essential stuffs on the SSD.
Since it is always faster to access or view data from a SSD, just remember to save the frequently used and some essential information on the SSD, like the operating system files and folders, programs, large games and the likes. In this way, you often will have a pleasant computer experience.
2). Save some videos, music, pictures, documents on the HDD.
Though the HDD often will not run faster than a SSD, it is also a good storage device to safely keep your data for a really long time. Therefore, always save some trivial stuffs and something that is not used often on the HDD, just like the videos, pictures, files, mails, songs, messages and the likes.

Additional Tips:

1). Make drive data backups well no matter which type of hard drives is better for you.
No matter which type of hard drives you’ve choose for your game computer, always remember to back up your game computer data well at least on two hard drives or locations in case of data loss troubles.
2). Prepare computer drive data recovery software to cope with different data loss troubles.
Except some commonly-used programs, you’d better also choose data recovery software for your computer in case of any unexpected data loss problems, including accidentally deleting something important off from hard drive or memory card, mistakenly format HHD with much crucial data, wiping SSD for drive dropping and RAW format hard drive error, etc.

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