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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hard Drive Becomes Uninitialized after Installing Large Size Software

How to Resolve Hard Drive Not Initialized Error& Rescue Hard Drive Files?
Hey, experts there! My WD Black hard drive has been used several times on my Samsung computer and always been detected as NTFS file system. And it also works well there. However, last time, when going to read this hard drive on the same computer, I just found it was detected as uninitialized in Disk Management. When I followed the suggestions to initialize it there, there was also an error popping out and told me: "The request cannot be performed due to an I/Oerror". What can I do to fix this hard drive problem? Is it sill possible for me to access the documents inside this not initialized hard drive?  

Hello, have you tried to reformat or initialize this hard drive with important files? Get any success to repair the hard drive and also recover hard drive data? If not, the below clues can help you somehow.

Step1: Go Try This WD Black Drive on Another Computer or Laptop.
Have you got the same WD black hard drive problem when you try to read the same drive on another computer or laptop? If you do, your hard drive must be damaged somehow and need to be fixed quickly. Have not tried this drive on any other computer or laptop yet? OK! Immediately remove it out from the original computer safely and go try it on another computer to see whether it is problem of your computer.
Please Note: Always safely extract hard drive from computer by clicking "Remove Hardware Safely" in case of damaging hard drive unexpectedly.

Step2. Recover WD Hard Drive Data with Data Recovery Software before any Initializing Process.
If you do get the same hard drive not initialized error when you do try it on another computer, you’d better keep this WD hard drive without any use to avoid worse troubles and run some WD external hard drive data recovery software to recover the original drive photos, files, songs, videos and the likes back as many a possible. Just search and select proper drive data recovery software over the internet. And then, download and run it on your computer to thoroughly scan this drive. And, at last, preview and recover deleted or lost drive data back to another storage device.
Please Note: In case of overwriting the original data inside this WD hard drive and cause permanent data loss, never download and install the data recovery software on this WD black hard drive. Just find another local partition, flash drive or storage device instead.
In case of farther data loss, also make the drive data backups on other drives or storage devices well.  

Step3. Fix Hard Disk Problems with CHKDSK Tools
Have recover your hard drive files back with selected WD hard drive data recovery software? OK! And then, without worrying about the hard drive contents, you can freely set out to fix this hard drive. In your case, you can firstly go try the CHKDSK tool like this: right click this Black drive in "My Computer" to open "Properties" interface and click "Tools" tab. And then, press "Check Now" button in the "Error-checking" sector at the top. At last, choose the desired testing options and wait till everything is done. Of course, if the error checking tool makes no difference, also download related drive diagnostic software to go on.  

Step4. Format or Initialize Drive at Last
After fixing the possible hard drive problems, you always can be easily format or initialize this hard drive to restore its common use. Simply open the Disk Management interface, right click the WD black drive displayed there to highlight "Format" option and wait till the formatting process is finished.
Please Note: If you do have no enough time to waste, when choosing the format option, you also can select "Perform a quick format" option to quickly initialize this drive with ease. 

The hard drive not initialized error problem could be caused by many reasons, including RAW file system issue, sudden drive extraction, instant power loss, power surge, hard drive damage, virus infection and even computer problems. NO matter whether you do know the reasons behind this hard drive problem, always stop using this drive to cause no farther data loss and apply drive data recovery software to recover important drive data. And then, try your best to repair hard drive. Of course, if you do have no idea bout how to fix drive errors, you also can consult hard drive repairing shops and ask for help there.

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