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Monday, September 21, 2015

What Is the Difference between a Master Drive & a Slave Drive?

Need to Know Some Information about the Master Drive & the Slave Drive?
"Hello, have you ever read about the computer master drive and slave drive before? What are they? Is there any difference between a master drive and a slave drive? If I plan to add a second drive to my PC, need I set the second drive as the slave drive? Thanks for any useful clue here! "

Hello, people are often asked to assign a master drive and a slave drive out when there are two hard disks plunged on the same PC. Why? In order to let the PC run perfectly and smoothly as before, the PC needs know which one of them will be the primary drive that will be read or written firstly while being used. Therefore, in this aspect, there is no such obvious difference. But, if you really want to know more detailed information about these two types of computer drives, you also can keep on reading this article: 

What Is a PC Master Drive?
A PC master drive, also regarded as the primary drive, is the main computer drive that often helps load operating system, hold widely-used applications, tools and other important data. Moreover, in most cases, people also set the master drive as the bootable drive. So, in this way, the master drive often plays a dispensable role in keeping the common performance of your PC.

What Is a Computer Slave Drive?
A computer slave drive, in comparison with the master drive, is the extra drive that is often attached to your PC for extending the computer space and also help stores some information that is not often used or not so important. Of course, if the primary drive is completely full, you also can move or save something important to the slave drive. It’s all your choices. 

What are the Differences between the Master Drive & the Slave Drive?
Still need figure out what are the differences between the master drive and slave drive? OK! Here are some really small differences for you:
1).The master drive often can be read firstly during booting. 
Since the master drive is often set as the bootable drive, it often will be detected firstly by PC while you are trying to booting your PC.
2).The master drive often loads the PC operating system.
In order to speed up the computer booting and improve computer performance, the PC operating system often is loaded on the master drive, not the slave drive.
3).The master drive often can be directly connected to the motherboard of your PC.
When you do have used only one drive on your PC, you often can easily plunge this drive to your motherboard straightly there. However, if you do need to add a second drive for your PC, do not forget to bought an IDE cable and connect the additional drive to your PC with the help of this IDE cable. Also do not forget to point out which one is the master drive and which one is the slave drive as soon as possible to avoid unexpected troubles.
4).The main drive often will be listed firstly in Disk Management.
The slave drive partitions are often listed after the main drive partitions in Disk Management. For example, when you do have divided your main disk into C, D and E, your slave partitions will be shown after these three partitions and often will be automatically labeled as F, G or the likes.
5).The main drive often is the commonly used hard disk. However, the slave could be different.
In order to make the computer run functionally, people often use the commonly-used hard disk as the master drive. However, the slave drive often could be more choices. To enlarge the PC memory, you can add the additional hard disk, CD and DVD, etc. In other words, the slave drive could be a traditional hard disk, CD or DVD according to your own needs.
Overall, in these ways, the master drive is really different from the slave drive.

See the differences clearly? Still want to add a second hard disk to your computer? Hope you can remember the differences well and set your master and slave drive well.

Related PC Hard Disk Tips:
1). Prepare two or three external hard disks to save computer important data backups well
No matter why you have to know the differences between the slave drive and the master drive, never forget to prepare two or three external drives or storage devices to create important drive data backups well before you do any changes to the computer drive with much valuable data.
2). Use computer hard disk file recovery software to take lost drive data back.
Unplug PC hard disk without turning PC off at first? PC hard disk is not formatted and asks you to format at first? Or have formatted hard disk or delete hard disk files and folder unexpectedly? Use computer harddisk file recovery software to rescue the precious drive files, documents, pictures, movies, messages, mails and others back as many as possible.

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