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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Can You Change File System from Raw to NTFS on a Hard Disk Drive?

FAQS: How can I change file system from Raw to NTFs?

Question: Well, I am trying to tell it clearly, but I am going to crazy with the problem still unsolved. How can I convert a drive (C:, D:, E:, F:) into NTFs without any data loss while the system says it is a RAW drive? There are many programs on my drive C and I don’t want to install them again. If it is impossible, is there any way to format drive D into NTFS? There are many important videos on drive D, so I really need to get them back. I have tried to convert the drive by using "convert d:/fs:ntfs", but I didn’t work. Every time I try this way, it says: "convert is not available for RAW drives". So please tell me how can I change file system from Raw to NTFs?

Answer: For the question above, another article of mine "Converting FAT32 to NTFS in Win7 Vista XP" may do some help. However, if you still want to get back the data from the RAW drive, you may need some data recovery tool. After you get back the data from the RAW drive, you can format the drive and the drive will restore to its original state. 

Several Reasons for RAW File System
RAW drive error can occur on many devices like hard disk, external hard drive, memory card, etc. You can restore files from not formatted RAW CF card when the problem is caused due to following reasons:
» The drive is physically damaged
» The drive is attacked by virus
» Unexpected power off when you are still using the computer
» There are bad sectors on the drive
» More other unknown causes
Theses are several possible reasons for RAW file system. 

Useful and Professional RAW Recovery Tool
There are many data recovery tools online, I would like to recommend the best RAW recovery software so that you can get data off the RAW drive. The RAW recovery software enables you to recover data quickly and easily from RAW drive. Being a freeware, RAW recovery software supports all files recovery when the drive is shown as RAW file system. By using the software, you are able to restore any lost file including music, videos, photos, documents, images and audios and so on. 
3 Steps to Recover Lost Data from RAW & Repair RAW
Step 1: Download, install and launch the RAW recovery software. Select the proper module for your case once you enter the interface of this software and select a drive you want to recover, and then it will scan automatically.
Step 2: After scan, you will get a window which list all found files. You can preview all files the software found with one mouse click
Step 3: Click the all the files you want to recover and select the destination to save the recovered files. Please don't save the recovered files to the original drive in case of overwriting.
When the data has been recovered, you can format the RAW drive. After formatting, the drive will be restored to its original file system.

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