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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Formatted External USB Stick/Drive Data Recovery

My external USB stick is formatted by myself accidentally. I feel terrible now, because there are many useful and important files saved on it. I will not be happy if they are lost forever. So I want urgently to get them back now. I think I am a little crazy now. No one around me can help me recover my losses, so I hope one of you can help me retrieve what I have lost. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you any way.  –Mike from New York
Some times the external USB stick or external hdd may be formatted accidentally, do you have any idea to recover lost data in that situation? Yes, we can restore those lost data. Today we will talk about external USB stick formatted recovery. The way to retrieve the lost files from the formatted external USB drive is very easy and simple. Problems in the example above can be solved later. Actually, we just need five steps and then all our losses may be got back.

How to restore lost files form the formatted external USB stick

Step1. Download and launch data recovery software on the computer to which the aim external USB stick to be plugged.

Step2. Insert the formatted external USB stick to the exact computer.

Step3. Run the data recovery software on the computer, and then choose the recovery model and target disk to scan.

Step4. Preview the recoverable files in the list after the scan and pick up the needed to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disks as the location to save files to be restored.

Tips: do not save any new data on the formatted external USB stick before all needed files have been restored in order to recover data form the formatted external drive successfully..
The data recovery software allows you to recover files from formatted memory card (formatted SD card photo recovery, formatted CF card recovery and reformatted XD card recovery), USB flash drive, hard drive, etc.

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