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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SD card data recovery after format

I formatted my micro SD memory card  because the micro SD card says unformatted error last night. I have thought of ways to unformat it all the night and I have no idea till now. There are many important files on the SD card. I can not lose them and need to recover them within two days. Anyone can help me?  -Andy from LA

My  SD card is formatted  by my sister intentionally when she does not know information on that memory card is precious for me. I can not blame her but to find way to restore my losses. I know I can get them back, but I do not know the exact way. Is there any one can kindly tell me how to recover files from formatted SD card?  -Mayer from New York

Are you wondering how to restore deleted files from memory card after formatting? It may be a huge losses for us if format the SD card on which many crucial and vital files are saved previously by mistake. Just like examples above. We hope there is a way to recover lost files from the formatted SD card at that moment. Luckily, we can get those originally contents back from the SD card after being formatted.

How to get lost files back from the formatted SD card

There is a possibility for us to get back photos from formatted card. With this software, you can recover photos videos music from SD card after formatting. This data recovery software also helps recover data from formatted CF card and other memory card. We just need five or four steps to recover them. Here are the steps as follows:

Step1. Download and install data recovery software on the computer.

Step2. We need a card reader to connect the formatted SD card to the computer on which data recovery tool launched.

Step3. Operate the data restoration program. Choose the recovery model and target disk to scan then.

Step4. Preview the recoverable files in the list one by one after the scan, and then pick up the information needed to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disks as the location to save files to be retrieved.

One more things, we should keep it in mind that do not save any new information on the SD card which have been formatted before all useful contents are restored. So we should store those files to be retrieved on one of the computer hard disks at first. We can remove them to the SD card later.

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