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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cannot Copy Files to Flash Drive

Selected Files Cannot Be Copied to Flash Drive
Situation1: Hello, this morning, when inserting flash drive to my PC and copying some document folders there, I just received an error message saying: "Cannot find the specified files. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name." What does this error message mean? What can I do to transfer my data smoothly now? Thanks!
Situation2: Hey, I was unable to copy and paste my photos to my 16GB pen drive and told: "error copying...check administrator…" Thanks for any idea here!

Situation3: Hello, yesterday, when I was trying to transfer data to my Toshiba flash drive that only held about ten photos, I just got a warning message saying this device had no enough free space. However, this 8GB USB flash drive had only several images that had not even occupied about 1GB space. How could this happen? But, I also connected another 500GB external hard disk there and tried to move the data again. And also get the same error message. How do you think about my flash drive problem? What am I supposed to do now? Thank you very much! 
Hello, friends! Your guys flash drive problems seem not to be too troublesome. We’ve better analyze them all together and see what you can do to transfer your desired data to this flash drive with success.

Why You Cannot Move Files to the Assigned Flash Drive?
Honestly, there are many reasons that can bring you unsuccessfully USB flash drive file copy issues. You’d better check out your ones and see what you can do to resolve it. Here are some possible ones for you to take as references:
1). Delete or wipe these assigned PC files or folders somehow.
You know it is often difficult to copy the deleted or wiped data to the selected flash drive, right? Honestly, sometimes, when your computer files and folders are unintentionally deleted or wiped and the related links remained there, you are possible to encounter such unsuccessfully data transformation issues.
2). Flash drive is write protected or password protected.
When your flash drive is write protected or password protected, it is also often difficult to copy, remove or paste anything from your pen drive as usual. You are supposed to firstly disable the write protection or password protection at first.
3). Use the common accounts to copy the files to your flash drive
Some essential computer files or other information that set to be useable for administrators only often cannot be copied, pasted, deleted or shared by some common users. Therefore, you’d better log in as the administrator to take chances.
4). Flash drive does have a FAT32 file system, not commonly used NTFS.
How much data have you tried to move? Is it larger than 4GB? Go check the hard disk file system and see whether it shows as FAT32 which does have a 4GB maximum limit on file size every time.
5). Flash drive has other problems.
There are also other ones that can cause such flash drive issues, like having no enough free space. You’d better figure out your ones according to your conditions.

Learn to Remove This USB Flash Drive Issue Correspondingly
Need solutions to smoothly copy your allocated files to this flash drive? OK! Learn to remove this USB flash drive transfer issue correspondingly like this:
1). Recover deleted or lost USB flash drive data with drive file recovery software.
Find your selected computer files are really deleted or lost by mistake? In order to transfer them to your pen drive with success, go recover them back from computer hard disk firstly. What you needs is only some deleted hard disk file recovery software. Merely choose a proper one and run it on your PC. Of course, you are also supposed to check the PC Recycle Bin to restore all recoverable ones back in advance.
2). Remove flash drive write-protection or password protection.
When your hard disk is really write-protected or password-protected, immediately remove the write protection and password protection to access and copy your desired data.
3). Use the administrator account to try again.
Have tried to copy these files to your flash drive with common accounts only? OK! Also take the administrator accounts and see whether you can successfully copy and paste these PC stuffs there.
4). Format flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS
If you just cannot copy your wanted data to flash drive only due to the file size limit of FAT32 file system drive, you’ve better format this drive from FAT32 to NTFS to have a good try.  Of course, in order not to exceed the maximum file size limit, you are also able to copy desired files within several times.
Please Note: Create flash drive data backups well before convert it from FAT32 to NTFS.
Overall, no matter why you cannot copy the wanted files to flash drive, always take measures to remove it according to your own conditions.

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