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Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Format a Sky Hard Drive to Work for My Computer?

Need Use Sky Hard Disk on My PC. What to Do Now?
Hello, everyone there! I do have a Sky hard disk which is not used anywhere for several weeks. Hence, I am wondering whether it is possible to be used on my Windows 7 computer. Is it proper to format this Sky hard disk there and use it as other storage devices? Please help me somehow. Thanks!

Hello, friends! In my experiences, the sky hard disk/sky plus hard disk is often used with TV to record or store some live TV videos, songs and more, and also is designed with the compatible file system types of the TVs, not the common computer file system types, like NTFS, FAT32, HF+, HFS+ and more. Hence, if you want to use this Sky hard disk on your PC, you are also supposed to format this hard disk at first so that it can be converted into a compatible NTFS, FAT32, HF+ or HFS+ file system type.
Here is some related information that you need to know about the Sky hard disk formatting.

Are You Using This Shy Hard Drive Under Windows OS or Mac OS?
Before you blindly plunge this Sky hard disk to your PC, you are also supposed to know more related information. For example, go check what type of operating systems you are using. In these days, people do choose different operating systems according to their own needs. If you are planning to use this Sky hard disk on an Apple computer or laptop, you often will also forcedly use this Sky hard drive under Mac OS and also are allowed to format this drive into HF+ or HFS file system type, etc. But, if you are merely deciding to use this hard drive on some Windows PC, you are also supposed to format your drive into FAT32 or NTFS file system type. Overall, different operating system types often means different drive file system types.

Are You Using This Sky Hard Drive as Internal Hard Disk or External Hard Drive?
And then, after checking the PC OS types well, you are also supposed to decide on what type of storage devices this sky hard drive will be used there, as an internal hard disk or external hard drive? If you do decide to use it as an internal hard disk, merely turn off your PC and connect it to your computer motherboard. And then, let Windows format it there and freely use it as you wish. Of course, you are allowed to use this Sky hard disk on this drive only. However, if you want to use it as an external hard disk, merely attach this drive to your PC with a USB cable or related USB adapter and format it there. And then, you can freely use this drive on different computers with compatible file system types. In this way, it is also different.

How to Format Your Sky Hard Disk Easily?
No matter whether you are using this Sky hard disk under Windows or Mac OS and as an internal hard disk or external hard drive, after plugging this drive to your PC, you often need to format this drive before any use. In fact, before you really use this hard disk on your PC effectively, you often have several ways to format this Sky hard disk for future use.
Here are the useful drive formatting methods for you:
1). Format hard disk in My Computer windows.
Here are simple steps for you to perform formatting process on this Sky hard disk:
Step1. Open your PC and double click "My Computer" icon in the desktop.
Step2. Right click the connected Shy hard disk there to choose "Format" option on the dropdown list.
Step3. Select the desired file system type and format options on the popped-out windows.
Step4. Click "Start" buttons to format your drive.
Please Note: If you have no enough time to perform a full format there, merely choose the "Quick Format" option instead.
2). Format hard disk in Disk Management interface.
Of course, you also can try to format this Sky hard disk in Disk Management interface as below:
Step1. Right click "My Computer" to highlight "Manage" option and open "Computer Management" window.
Step2. Find and open "Disk Management" interface.
Step3. Right click your Sky hard disk shown on the right side and choose "Format" option on the dropdown list.
Step4. Choose the wanted destination file system type and format option to start the formatting process.
Please Note: Also check the sky hard disk state in Disk Management well after format to make sure it is properly converted into NTFS or FAT32 file system.
3). Format hard disk with professional format software.
Also go format hard disk with professional format software that often can help people do low level format, quick format or full format on the assigned hard disk under different situations. Of course, such format tools are also not all free. Go check the price and related features before any use. 
Please Note: The low level format often also damages your pointed hard disk in some ways. Therefore, never choose the low level format option to format your hard disk, unless you do have no choices.

Additional Notes:
1). Extract all useful TV videos, songs or files out and back them all up well on other storage devices.
The formatting process can not only change the Sky hard disk file system type and also is possible to erase or damage the inner stored information. Therefore, before you really format it on your PC, also extract all your recorded or stored useful TV videos, songs or files out and back them all up on your other storage devices.
2). When the Sky hard disk data is lost after format, go apply hard disk format recovery software to go on.
Format this Sky hard disk without exporting anything useful inside on your PC? Go stop writing new data on this hard disk and go see whether some effective hard disk format recovery software is still possible to recover lost data from this formatted hard disk. Hope your situation is not too bad.

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