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Monday, November 9, 2015

File or Directory Is Corrupted or Unreadable

Drive Is Not Accessible. The File or Directly Is Corrupted or Unreadable.
Situation1: Hello! About two days ago, my brother had moved tons of precious photos, films and files from his computer internal hard disk to his external hard disk so that the PC did have enough free space for farther use. And then, this external hard disk had been kept in his desktop well. However, yesterday, when he went to access and view the inner saved films and photos, only got an error message reporting: "F drive is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable." Honestly, we do have never ever encountered such corrupted or unreadable file or directly external hard drive problem? Do you have any idea to fix this USB hard disk problem? Would you please help us rescue data from this external hard disk? Thank you for any advice here!    

Situation2: Hey, my 250GB Toshiba USB hard disk, which has been detected as E drive in my computer, says: "the file system is unreadable or corrupted" on my PC yesterday. It always worked fine there before. I just could not figure out why it just gave such error message. What does this external hard disk corrupted or unreadable file or directory error message mean? What can I do now to extract my stored drive contents out successfully? Many of my PC games videos, files and songs are stored inside. Thank you in advance!
Situation3: Could anybody there help me recover data from external hard disk with corrupted and unreadable file/directory? Honestly, this USB hard disk merely fell to the ground for unexpected shocks during data transferring. And then, whenever I plunged this external drive back to the computer, the Windows would warn that the file or directory was corrupted or unreadable and merely got an option to format it. However, I still want to use my left drive files and was not able to format it as the error message asked. Is there any method to recover external drive data and also repair this storage device? Any help will be highly appreciated here.

Hello, if it possible, merely go connect this external hard disk to another Windows computer and check whether you will get the same corrupted or unreadable file or directory error warning message. Unfortunately, if you receive no similar error messages, go start your PC manger software and see whether there is something wrong. But, if you get the same error message again there, also do not panic! You also do get chances to rescue USB hard disk data and fix the hard disk problem successfully. Hence, do not give up in this moment and merely stop using this external drive to see what you can do now.

Recover Data from External Hard Disk with Corrupted and Unreadable File or Directory Error
Generally, the similar corrupted or unreadable external hard disk file or directory error problems often happen to drive users due to virus infection, external hard disk physical damages, hard disk unsupported RAW file system and even computer problems, etc. However, no matter why your USB hard disk gets such error problems, your reserved important files, videos, films, images, songs and more the like contents will not be completely irrecoverable. Oppositely, with the help of some professional data recovery software or experts, you even can have a big chance to recover original external drive with success. Therefore, under your circumstances, you are supposed to firstly go try externalhard disk file recovery software to scan and rescue your precious drive information before you really go to consult some experts for helps.

Please Note
* No matter whether you decide to apply drive data recovery software or consult data recovery experts, remember to keep this original USB hard disk away from anything else in case of losing more important data inside.
* Apply and pay external drive data recovery software after you’ve used its trial or free version to scan your drive and checked the scanning results well. 

Format This USB Hard Disk to Repair
It is always important to take original external hard disk information out before any format. Why? The computer hard disk formatting process often will wipe everything stored on a storage device and make all original data invisible. Hence, after performing the data recovery processes on your removable drive and recover lost external drive data back, go format this USB hard disk to repair and fix the corrupted or unreadable file or directory error problems then. As long as your USB hard disk is mechanically damaged, the simple format can easily restore its common use.

Perform Disk Check Processes on This External Drive to See Whether It Is Still Usable. 
Still doubt about whether your external hard disk could work effectively as before even after you do have formatted this drive to remove its corrupted or unreadable file or directory error issue? All right! If you are really worried, go perform CHKDSK processes on this USB hard disk and check the scanning results to see whether it is still workable for future use. If the CHKDSK results show there are too many bad sectors or other physical damages, you’d better never move important or precious data there and select another functional one to instead of it. Of course, if the CHKDSK results show everything is OK, also do not save very, very important files on this external drive only. From now on, get more hard disks, flash drives, CDs or DVDs to make drive data backups well.

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