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Monday, December 3, 2012

My Audio Files Are Not Visible in My Mini SD Card?

My audio files are not visible in my Mini SD card? Due to your extremely simple description, I guess there are several possible resolutions for you.

1.       Show your hidden audio files.

Sometimes, one cannot find his files anywhere for he may accidentally hide them. Therefore, you need to show them all. That’s to say, you are supposed to make them visible again.
Here are the steps in detail
Start => Run => Enter “control folders” and click “OK” => Open “View” tab => Select “Show hidden files and folders” and press “OK”.

2.       Recover your audio files and format it.

Your files may also be invisible for some unexpected reasons, such as accidental deletion or format, unexpected corruption, etc. No matter what causes your invisible problems, you should try a recovery tool to help you for regaining the audio files.
In my opinion, you can run this free recovery program, which can process almost all types of recovery programs, such as “Advanced Files Recovery”, “ Format Recovery”, “ Lost Partition Recovery” and “ Deep Scan Recovery”. It can also recover different data from all types of memory card or drive, such as SD card, Mini SD card, CF card, removable drive, flash drive, or pen drive, etc.
In fact, I had tired it before as my drive got some inaccessible error. I searched it from a popular forum. Luckily enough, I finally regained all my wanted data. So, you should try it personally.
After the recovery process, you should never forget to format your memory card to make it work again. 

Data Recovery from Not Detected Mini SD Card

When your sd mini card has run into error and cannot show up in your PC, you may use a data recovery software to restore inside data with the program at first. You can also use this software to recover files from microSD card when it is not readable.
#1 Data Recovery Software to restore data off  unreadable media like sd card, mini sd card, sdhc card, and other types of memory card.


Tips for you:

1. Stop writing data on this SD card unless you’ve recovered all your audio files.
2. Save your recovered audio files on a different card or drive in case of recovery failure.
3. Run it more times to harvest much more data.
4. Try to back your needed data.

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