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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Raw to fat32 conversion to external hard disk solution

What is the file system of your external hard disk? Is it fat32, or ntfs? What if the external hdd suddenly becomes raw? Raw means not format to a certain extent. So it means that we can not use the external hard disk with raw file system, and we need to format it in we want to keep using the portable hard disk drive. It is so terrible. For instance:

My external hard disk shows raw file system when I check its disk properties. What’s more, both the used space and free space are 0 byte. How strange. I have stored some video files such as movies on it at the previous time. Then we I try to open the external hard disk, system prompts me to format it before I can use it. What should I do? How can convert it to fat32 and how can I recover videos and pictures from unformatted external hard disk drive?  -Jesse

Do you have any idea how to convert the raw external hard disk to fat32? We can not complete the conversion when the external hard disk is in raw file system trouble, but we can format it and then change the file system of external hard disk to what we like, such as fat32, ntfs, and so on. So should format the raw external hard disk in order to convert it to fat32.

After formatting the raw external hard disk, there is nothing still saved on it. What should we do if need to access files saved on the external hard disk at the original time? As a matter of fact, if those contents are useful or precious, we can perform data recovery when it is raw file system.

Way to recover data from the raw external hard disk

We can use data recovery tool to recover files saved on it at the old time when it is in raw file system error. Here are its steps as follows:

Step1. Download and install data recovery software on the computer.

Step2. Connect the raw external hard disk drive to the same computer as data recovery tool mounted.

Step3. Run the data restoration program on the computer and then choose recovery model and aim disk to scan.

Step4. Preview the contents in the list after the scan, by the way, we can preview photos but not videos, and then pick up the needed to recover.

Step5. Select one location to save files to be retrieved.

The reason that recover information at first than format the raw external hard disk is to retrieve more files we need.

Memory Card RAW File System Recovery
If you encounter RAW file system error on a memory card, you can also follow the guide above the fix the problem and rely on the data recovery software to recover files from RAW SD card, XD card, CF card, etc. If you want to format a memory card from RAW to FAT32, you should recover files first of all. If you have formatted memory card by mistake before data recovery, you still have chance to restore files after formatting SD card, recover formatted CF card or other memory card as long as the original data is not overwritten.

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