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Thursday, October 16, 2014

memory card data recovery after being formatted

Now your suffering to lose files saved on the memory card after being formatted could be ended. There is a tool for us to get those lost files and folders back from the formatted memory card. That is data recovery software. It could get all the losses back from the formatted memory card as long as they have not been overwritten.

Steps to retrieve lost files from the formatted memory card

Do not perform any operation on the formatted memory card and let it in the state that be formatted. By using data recovery software, you can recover data after formatting CF card, SD card, XD card and memory stick, etc. This software allows you to recover pictures from CF card and other types of memory card.

Step1. Download and install the data recovery software on the computer.

Step2. Connect the formatted memory card to the exact computer by being inserted to a card reader.

Step3. Operate the data restoration program on the computer.

Step4. Choose the recovery model and object disk to scan.

Step5. Save the restored files on one of the computer hard disks. Do not store them on the formatted memory card in case of overwriting.

Similar data loss situations that could be solved by data recovery tool

We can perform photo recovery on formatted SD card, we can also start data recovery on other cases, such as 

1.       the memory card is not formatted or windows can not complete the format error. CHKDSK reports RAW file system on memory card. You can retrieve the needed files at first and then format the memory card by formatter.

2.       the accidental deletion. If you happen to delete the useful files by error, data recovery program could help you get them back.

3.       virus infection.

4.       power outage.

5.       Memory card has unrecognized format
6. other logical data corruptions.

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