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Monday, September 16, 2013

Recover Lost Files from Flash Drive after Formatting or Not Formatted Error

Flash driveis a storage media to save or transfer data. If you lose important data from your flash drive due to formatting, don’t panic! You can recover those lost files easily with flash drive recovery software, which is freeware for any lost data recovery from your flash drive.
3 Don’ts that you should keep in mind =>>
1. Don’t put new data to the flash drive
2. Don’t reformat the flash drive
3. Don’t make the flash drive physically damaged

Flash Drive Format Recovery
You may quick format or full format the flash drive, after which the flash drive will be empty and data will no longer be visible on the drive. Although all files are marked as deleted ones and become invisible, the data has been still intact on the flash drive. So you can use flash drive recovery software to unformat the flash drive to get back the lost files. You can also use the software to unformat memory card, hard drive, portable hard disk, etc or use this software to recover files from damaged SD card.
Firstly, you need to insert the flash drive to a computer and install the flash drive recovery software to the computer.
Then, you only need to select the proper recovery module and the flash drive will be shown as an external drive on your software.
Now, you can choose the flash drive and the software will scan the selected drive in order to find out lost files.
Finally, you can view the found files. If you are satisfied with the scanning result, it is time to select the files you need and recover them.

Flash Drive Recovery When It Has Not Formatted Error
The most terrible thing is that you have done nothing to the flash drive, but it shows not formatted error or other similar errors with no reason. Problem like this often happens. If you still feel upset or frustrated when your flash drive has errors, here comes the best and useful solution. You can fix the not formatted error on flash drive without any data loss within 2 steps.

Firstly, you need to recover data from the flash drive by using the flash drive recovery software mentioned above. The steps to recover data when flash drive has not formatted error are as same as the steps for format recovery. The mere difference is that you should select different recovery module after launching the software. After data recovery, you can fix the flash drive not formatted error. Keep reading!

Repair Flash Drive Not Formatted Error
If you only need to recover data after formatting, you can ignore this paragraph. If you still need to repair flash drive error, you only need to format the flash drive. I suppose you have known how to format the flash drive on your computer.

Some users have reflected such a problem that they are unable to format the flash drive due to some reasons. If so, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool would be a good choice which is professional format tool which can be used for HP Drive Key or DiskonKey USB drive when flash drive is unable to be formatted under Windows operating system.

In addition to recover files from USB flash drive, you can also rely on the data recovery software to retrieve files from formatted CF card or when CF card has not formatted error.

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