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Friday, November 30, 2012

Recover Data from CF Card after Format

Data Recovery from CF Card after Format 

Do you use a CF card? Do you use a CF card in a digital camera or a mobile phone? Do you know lost data from CF card after format are recoverable? Do you know the way to get back the lost data after format CF card?

No matter you use a CF card to save pictures, images, AVI, or videos or any other files, all the data will disappear after you format your CF card. However, you just need to download a CF card recovery software to get back the lost data. Among so much software online, this software is completely free and features in its comprehensive function of recovering any file type such as text documents, spreadsheets, music files, various types of photos, video files, etc.

What Should I Do after Format My CF Card?

Although all data will disappear after format, the format won’t wipe off the data forever. It only marks the data as lost one and set the particular space for storing new files. In fact, the lost data still remain intact until you overwrite it. Therefore, after format CF card, you should never overwrite the card in case of losing the data forever. Then you can use the free software to recover the lost data. The data recovery software is also helpful when you want to restore files from corrupted memory card, SD card is not detected.
#1 Data Recovery Software for formatted cf card, or unformat cf card data recovery

Free Data Recovery from CF Card after Format

Step1. Free download the software on your PC, install it on your PC. You can create a shortcut on the desktop after successfully installation so that you can easily find it and launch it.
Step2. Connect your CF card to your PC. Select a proper recovery module and enter the next interface of this software. Highlight the drive letter which stands for your CF card and click "Recover" option to let your CF card be scanned.
Step3. After the successful scan, you can see all the found data. "Show Files" option allows you to preview the found files. (In most case, it can find about 80% or more lost data after scan. It depends on the volume of your lost data.)
Step4. From the list of recoverable files, mark the files that you want to recover and click the "Save Files" option. Then the program will quickly restore the files. After that, you can close the program if you have recovered what you want. If not, you may try to scan with this software until you find the lost files.

Useful Tips for Data Recovery

1.       Avoid overwriting the CF card once you format it.
2.       Don’t save the recovered data to the original CF card.
3.       Backup your data regularly in case of unexpected format or delete.

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