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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Flash Drive Recovery Software Free to Restore Lost Files from USB Flash Drive

Common Causes for USB Drive Data Loss
* Delete files from USB flash drive due to mistake
* Format USB flash drive and lose everything inside drive
* Power failure when transferring files from USB to another storage device and lost data
* Turn off the computer without unplugging the USB drive and cause not formatted error on USB
* Files inside the drive are hidden or deleted since USB drive suffers virus or spyware infection
* Computer stops recognizing or detecting the USB drive due to unknown reasons
* Data inside the drive get inaccessible or unreadable due to bad sectors or other reasons

Solutions for Flash Drive Data Recovery
It is highly advisable to stop using the USB drive immediately no matter how data get lost from the drive and then have a try with USB drive recovery tool to recover the data. You can use flash drive recovery software which can help you recover files when USB data loss due to deleting, formatting, not formatted error, virus attack, bad sectors and more other reasons. Besides, lost photos, images, videos, music, emails, documents, etc are all recoverable with this flash drive recovery software. Instead of recovering files with help of a recovery service company, flash drive recovery software can help you free, fast and easily restore the lost files within a few steps.
The data recovery software also allows you to recover images from damaged memory card, restore corrupted SD card photos and recover files from CF card as long as there is no new data being written to the card.

Steps for Flash drive Recovery
First Flash Drive Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Second Flash Drive Recovery Freeware
Step1. Connect your USB drive to the computer. Free download the software, install and launch it on your computer. Choose the proper recovery module.
Step2. Select the USB drive from which you want to recover lost data.
Step3. Wait while the software is performing scanning on the selected USB flash drive
Step4. Preview and recover all the files after scanning. Save the recovered files to the computer’s hard drive or other storage media rather than the USB flash drive.

After Files Are Recovered, You Still Need to Do Things Below
Any data on the storage device is easy to get lost due to various reasons, so you had better backup the files after all the files are recovered completely.
If USB drive has bad sectors, you had better stop saving files to the drive to avoid further data loss.

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