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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Samsung Hard Drive Data Recovery Windows 7

Data Recovery from Samsung Hard Disk Drive
What brand of hard disk drive is used on your computer? Are you using a Samsung hard disk drive on your PC? As we know, a hard disk drive often plays an important role in a computer since it can be used to store pictures, folder, documents, movies, music, etc. Every piece of data you save on your computer is stored to the hard disk drive. Losing any of the data from your Samsung hard disk drive is a frustrating experience. Then is it possible to get back the lost files from the Samsung hard disk drive? The answer is yes! How can you deal with the data loss problem on Samsung hard disk drive?

Samsung Hard Drive Recovery Windows 7
Windows 7 is one of most widely used OS on computer. If you lost data from Samsung hard disk drive on Windows 7, Windows7 recovery software is able to help with data recovery. No matter how data got lost from the Samsung hard disk, the software can help restore all types of files easily and effectively. Windows 7 recovery software is quite easy to handle and it is risk-free. This data recovery software also enables you to restore files from Samsung memory card when it is inaccessible.

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Why Can You Recover Lost Files from Samsung Hard Drive?
When files are deleted from Samsung hard drive, or when you format the drive, Windows operating system only marks the space occupied by lost files as free and available for new data. The true data is not lost permanently from the hard disk drive until you write new data to the drive. When Samsung hard drive failure occurs, the OS only make the data inside the drive inaccessible or unreadable. Those data will also be stored on the Samsung hard disk drive intact until you format the drive. Therefore, you can recover lost files from the Samsung hard drive until you overwrite the lost files by adding new data or formatting drive.

Windows 7 Recovery Software Is Helpful in Following Cases
Case1: I bought a 500GB Samsung hard drive several years ago and I divided the hard drive into four sections on my computer which runs Windows 7 OS. Since the hard drive has been used for several years and recently receive low disk space warning on F drive because it is nearly full, this morning I formatted this drive to free space. However, I forgot transferring some important files before formatting. Can I still unformat partition on Windows 7?

Case 2: I deleted a folder from Windows 7 recycle bin, how can I undelete this folder?

Case3: I cannot access a partition on my Windows 7 computer. Windows pops up an error message disk partition needs to be formatted before I can use it, but I don’t dare to format the partition because it contains some important data. Can I access the partition without formatting?

Data Recovery from Samsung Memory Card

 If you lose important files on Samsung memory card, you can also use the data recovery software, with which you can recover files from Samsung SD card, recover data when Samsung micro SD card is in RAW format or recover files when Samsung SD card is not detected by camera or PC.

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