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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

USB stick data recovery after being formatted

Do you have the habit to carry a USB stick when go out? It is very useful for us to store files on the USB stick, because it is easy to carry. What is the pen stick is formatted? Do you know the data recovery after format the pen stick? It means that we can get lost files back from the formatted pen stick. Is it true? Absolutely it is true. Here are its steps to restore lost information from the USB stick after formatting it:

How to restore lost files from the formatted USB stick

Step1. Insert the formatted USB drive to the computer and make sure it is detected by computer well.

Step2. Download the data recovery software and install it on the computer.

Step3. Run the data retrieval tool on the computer and choose the recovery mode and aim disk to scan.

Step4. Wait minutes to preview the contents in the list after the scan, which will not take too much time, and then pick up the needed to recover.

Step5. Select one computer hard disk drive as the location to save files to be recovered.

We just need five steps to recover lost data from the formatted USB drive. One thing we need to be careful is that not to save new files on the formatted drive until all needed have been retrieved in case of overwriting.

After formatting the USB stick, it is better for us not to format it again. Some people may think we can get lost files back by reformatting it, it is wrong actually. The chance to get lost files back would be reduced if we format the USB stick at the second time or again and again.

What’s more, we can also ask data recovery program for help when the USB stick is raw file system. Do you have any idea what the raw file system is? We can explain it in this way. If the USB drive is raw file system, we can not use it until format it. So the raw is a system error and we can not view files saved on the raw USB stick, neither format it nor unformat it. When meet the USB stick not formatted error, we can also retrieve needed files from it under the help of data recovery tool.

One thing need to be took notice of is to get wanted data at first and then format the raw USB stick. There is more opportunity for us to get what we need back from the raw USB stick than recover files after formatting it.
You can also fix RAW unformatted problem on memory stick / card by following the method above.
The data recovery software is available for formatted SD card file recovery when it is formatted by mistake or when SD card needs to be formatted.

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