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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Data recovery after formatting external USB drive

The external USB drive may be formatted some times. Do you have any idea how to get lost files back? Is there any possible way for me to retrieve lost files from the formatted external USB drive? Actually, we can perform data recovery after formatting external USB disk? What we can do is to ask data recovery software for help.

I formatted my external USB drive last week, and then I lost all files and folders saved on that external USB disk. What should I do if I want to get lost files back from the formatted pen stick? Those files are mainly pictures about my brother and i. I hope some one of you can help me. Any suggestion would be appreciated.  –Sandy from New York

How to recover files from the formatted external USB drive

Just as what we have said, we have the ability to solve problem that external USB drive is formatted like case above. The solution is to use data recovery tool to retrieve the lost files back. Here are the steps as follows:

Step1. Download the data recovery software and launch it on the computer.

Step2. Plug the formatted external USB drive to the computer on which the data recovery tool is installed.

Step3. Operate the data restoration program on the computer. We can choose the recovery model and target disk to scan.

Step4. Preview the restorable files in the list after scanning, and then we can pick up the files wanted to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disk drives as the location to save files to be retrieved.

Besides external USB drive data recovery after format, we can also get lost files from the formatted hard disk, recover data from the formatted external hard disk, and other kinds of storage devices data recovery after format.
The data recovery software is also available for memory card photo video recovery when you format memory card by accident or memory card not formatted error or SD card has unrecognized format and CF card is not recognized and more other reasons.

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