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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Bad Block and a Bad Sector

Is There Any Difference between a Bad Block & a Bad Sector?
Hello, yesterday, my computer took a really long time to restart. Hence, I immediately launched my hard disk diagnosing software and CHKDSK to check whether it was still OK! However, the software showed it had a bad block. But, the CHKDSK said there was no any bad sector. So, what is a bad block? Is it different from the well-known bad sector, right? What can I do to repair my hard disk with a bad block, not a bad sector? What do you want share with us about my case? Thank you for any advice!

Hello, friends! From my understanding, the well-known bad sector is not different from the computer hard disk bad block. What you are supposed to do now is to make hard disk data backups and perform a full formatting process there for the future use.
Merely read more details about the bad blocks and bad sectors below:

What Does a Bad Sector or a Bad Block Mean?
Generally speaking, the bad sectors, also called as bad blocks, are computer hard disk sections that have been physically damaged and often cannot be used to store anything. The more bad sectors or bad blocks your computer internal or external hard disks have got, the worse the state of your hard disk will become. Moreover, anything stored on the bad sectors/blocks are also not able to be recovered in most cases. What’s worse, in daily use, no matter how effectively or highly qualified your hard disk is, it do get bad sectors/blocks over time. Therefore, no matter what happens, always learn to prepare two or more copies of everything important inside your hard disk on other drives or devices well all the time.

Does a Back Block or a Bad Sector Indicate a Hard Disk Is Failing or Dying?
Really want to know whether a bad block or bad sectors indicates a failing or dying hard disk? OK! Generally speaking, though your precious files, photos, videos and other hard disk contents stored on the hard disk bad sectors or blocks are often irrecoverable, that doesn’t mean your hard disk is seriously or even mechanically damaged and cannot be used again. Several or only a little portion of bad sectors or bad blocks often put a really small impact on the functional performance of your hard disks. As long as you do perform a full formatting process to label all bad sectors/blocks out and also create drive data backups well, you often get no troublesome problems.

How to Repair Hard Disk with Bad Blocks or Bad Sectors?
As long as your hard disk state is not too bad, even when there are some bad sectors or bad blocks, you also can keep on using this hard disk to store or transfer your hard disk information as before. And, to avoid worse troubles, like some data loss problems caused by bad sectors/blocks, merely copy everything important out and do a full format (this type of formatting processes often will help label out all scanned bad sectors/blocks and let computer or other machines write no new data there ) on this hard disk. Of course, you also can run CHKDSK to help you fix the related bad sector issues. But, if your hard disk is seriously damaged due to bad sectors or blocks and even cannot be recognized by computer or be fixed by CHKDSK, your hard disk must be corrupted completely. Go consult some experts for help, if you do reserve much crucial data inside.

Recover Data from Hard Disk or External Hard Disk with Bad Blocks or Bad Sectors
Your computer internal/external hard disk is asking you to format or is not able to be accessed properly due to bad blocks/sectors? Really need a data recovery before you format or adopt any measure to repair it? All right! Though it is not easy to recover data stored on the hard disk bad sectors or blocks, it is completely different to recover data from hard disk with bad sectors/blocks. What you are supposed to do now is only download and apply hard disk data recovery software to take original hard disk contents back as many as possible. Of course, you also should know, since your hard disk is physical damaged due to bad sectors/blocks, it is also difficult to rescue everything important back.

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