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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

recover data from the formatted external hard disk

Do you know external hard disk after formatting data recovery I have an external hard disk and there have been saved a lot of files and folders on it. it is very convenient for me to access data i need no matter where i am and when it is. But there is something unpleasant happen to the external hard disk now. I formatted it by mistake yesterday. What disappoints me is that i have not backup any files which saved on the external hard disk previously. So i lose all of them at present. Those files are important for me indeed, and some of them are my work documents. I want to get that lost data back from but have no idea what should be done. Can you help me?

It is a message one of my friends left to me. She wants to retrieve the information from the formatted external hard disk and ask me for help. Are you familiar with such situation? As a matter of fact, those files have not been erased from the external hard disk after being formatted. They are still saved on it and could be restored by data recovery software. 

how to restore data from external hard disk after formatting

Data recovery software could get those lost files back quickly and safely. But there are something should be paid attention to. That is to try to make sure do not let those lost files be overwritten. In other words, there should not be any other new content saved on the formatted external hard disk, including the data recovery program and files to be retrieved. The data recovery software also allows you to recover photos from memory card after formatting or when memory card is not formatted error. Here are the steps as follows to show you how to perform: The software is able to recover files after formatting SD card, CF card and XD card or when micro SD card needs to be formatted, CHKDSK says RAW file system on memory card.

Step1. Download and install the data recovery software on the computer.

Step2. Connect the formatted external hard disk to the same computer.

Step3. Open the data recovery program and choose the recovery model and target disk to scan.

Step4. Preview the contents in the list after the scan and select the needed to recover.

Step5. Choose the location to save files to be restored.

Brands of external hard disk that supported by data recovery tool

It is impossible that all people buy and use the same brands of external hard disk, because there are so many different manufactures of it in one country, not to mention in the whole world. No matter which brand of external hard disk you have owned, data recovery could solve your problem after format it accidentally or intentionally, such as WD, Seagate, Toshiba, HGST, Samsung, OCZ, Kingston, ADATA, and so forth.

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