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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How to Secure Erase Hard Drive, SSD or Flash Drive

What Is the Best Way to Wipe a SSD, HD, Flash Drive or Other Storage Device?

Situation1: Hey, I am going to replace my current 840 EVO SSD with another 850 Pro SSD. And I am told that I need to wipe this SSD totally in case that any personal or important information inside will be leaked. Can I just format this old SSD that contains many photos, documents, movies and more? What is the best way to secure erase this drive? Thanks for any advice here!
Situation2: Hello, I have done a lot of research on wiping SSD completely, but, find no practical answers. Do you have any idea? I just want to completely wipe my Windows 7 install on my HD and do a true clean install of Windows 10 there. And many articles on the internet recommend me to use a secure erase utility? Is that really best for me? Do agree with that? Have any different solution for me? Thank you very much in advance!
OK! In your guys’ cases, the directly drive format can help wipe the drive space. But, that’s also not enough. You’d better read the below article and learn to securely erase this HD, SSD or flash drive information.

Why to Secure Erase a SSD, USB Drive or Flash Drive?

Do you know why you are recommended to secure erase your storage device data? OK! No matter whether you know it or not, here are several ones that can persuade you to totally erase your drive information:
1). Avoid leaking important information
Have used this SSD, flash drive or USB drive to store very sensitive or personal information before? OK! If so, you really need do a complete data wiping there. Why? After common delete or format, the storage device contents often are not really erased permanently. And they will be gone only when they are corrupted or overwritten. Therefore, in case that any important drive information is leaked or used by evil persons without your permissions, you’d better do a secure erasing process there.
2). Avoid affecting the drive future use
Since the common deleting or formatting process will not really erase everything as you think, the left original information may also affect your future. Take the second situation as an example, in order to do a really true clean install of Windows 10, the secure erase is really necessary to reduce the effects of the original Windows 7 files and folders.

How to Totally Erase Your Storage Device?

Really want to know how you can totally erase your SSD, external hard drive, pen drive or the like devices? OK! Here, three common methods will be introduced and hope they will help you out:
1). Format drive to erase everything inside & Rewritten this drive with other data
Generally, the deleted or lost information stored on a storage device often will not be permanently wiped. However, it will be easily damaged or erased when it is rewritten by anything fresh. Therefore, you can easily format your selected hard drive and go rewrite it with other data two or more times. In this ways, you often will finally secure erasing everything inside.
2). Format drive to wipe all stuffs inside & repartition hard drive
Many drive repartitioning software do have offered similar drive wiping function. Therefore, if you do have similar software installed on your computer, after formatting your original drive, flash drive or SSD, you also can repartition it to erase everything inside completely.
3). Apply secure erase software
Still worry your drive information will be restored by others with data recovery software? OK! You can directly apply secure erase software to completely wipe your hard drive contents. Merely open your laptop or computer and choose a proper one through the internet.

Read More Useful Notes Here:

1). Export useful SSD, flash drive or hard drive data to other storage devices firstly.
Are you sure all your SSD, flash drive or hard drive information is useless or unnecessary? If not, go patiently double check all the left drive photos, files, messages, videos, songs or software and export still useful ones to other storage devices firstly.
2). Go try to recover drive information with data recovery software.
Also want to know whether your secure erasing methods really permanently delete all drive stuffs? Or have deleted something useful or format hard drive mistakenly? OK! Go try drive data recovery software to scan this SSD, flash drive or hard drive and see whether your deleted drive data could be restored with ease. If even the best drive data recovery software can rescue nothing original back from this drive, your secure erasing methods really work and can be used for next time. But, if you only accidentally erase them, OK! Hope you can learn to make drive data backups at first.

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