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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Micro SD card, micro CF card data recovery after being formatted

Have you ever used micro SD card? Micro SD card is the derivative product of SD card, which is one kind of memory card, like SM card, CF card, MMC card, XD picture card, memory stick, and so forth. We can store a lot of files and folders on the micro SD card with convenient and quickness. But we may make mistake that format the micro SD card accidentally. We would get that all contents saved on the micro SD card at the previous time have been lost. We need to perform micro SD card data recovery after format if those lost files are important.
How to recover lost information from the formatted micro SD card

It is easy to start and continue to end to restore needed files which have been lost after the format from the formatted micro SD card. Data recovery software can help us get what we need quickly. You can recover memory card photos, videos and more other types of files. Here are its steps as follows:

Step1. Connect the formatted micro SD card to the computer with the help of a card reader, because the can not be inserted to the computer directly.

Step2. Download and launch the data recovery software on the same computer.

Step3. Operate the data restoration tool on eth computer and then we can choose the recovery model and target disk to scan.

Step4. After the scan, we have the ability to preview the retrievable files in the list. Preview them and pick up the needed to recover.

Step5. Select one of the computer hard disks available as the location to save files to be restored.

In order to avoid those lost contents being overwritten, we should not store new data on eth formatted micro SD card until we can make sure all needed files have been restored successfully.

You may wonder what about other memory card data recovery after format, such as micro CF card. The full name of CF card is compact flash card. If the CF card is formatted accidentally, we can perform the data recovery on it, too. The steps to retrieve lost files from the formatted micro CF card is as same as steps to restore data from eth formatted micro SD card above. What’s more, it is also better to save new files on the after all wanted files have been recovered.

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